Saturday 10 January 2015

Severe Lazybonitis

I have a case of this. Late last night I assertively announced to my filthy house it was going. To. Get. Sorted. Tomorrow. 

It's tomorrow. The wind and rain storm outside woke me at 5.56am. I *should* have got up and made a start. 
I got back in bed. 
It's 8.35am now
I have no spring clean inkling what so ever. 
I'm going to have to bully myself into it. 
Even the promise of singing loudly in the kitchen as I scrub the floor holds no magic. 

I am going to get up soon, only because I want some breakfast. 
I will report back later. 

Love from 

Rachel *lives in a midden* Radiostar 


  1. Get up woman and get cleaning! (says one who is sitting at her computer staring at the pile of dishes in the kitchen and the mud on the floor) xx

  2. I can lend you my Dog Lego he's having a sit in against cleaning in the kitchen so who am I to argue ;) x

  3. Well I managed to fill the bird feeders after last night's blusters distributed them around the garden and beyond and I managed nope that's it just the feeders. Being ill has really depleted the "get up and go stocks" methinks to the point that they've got up up and gone!


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