Sunday 11 January 2015

Recovering Lazeaholic

Well, yesterday as you may know, it took me an age to get my wriggle into gear. However I did ' TV Tidying' which is a distant relation to my favourite pre Sky plus box activity of Advert Tidying. 

My kitchen floor was decidedly grotty. The 'Bags for Life' corner was getting out of hand. Yes, they do have their own corner of the kitchen, there's that many of them. Seriously, I'm never going to live long enough to even use them all.  

They were evicted. The Hoover tools came out and removed possible Spider activity. The grout was actifizzed and then an episode of Lost was watched. 
Then more actifizz was applied and the whole area scrubbed with a brush! I then mopped with scalding hot water. Came up like new. Of course I had to go watch some more Lost, as I couldn't get to the washer or dryer because the floor was wet! 
The lounge was cleaned and dusted. Barry the budgie, here for the weekend was cleaned. Barry and me had some bonding time. 

Then I had an energy burst. A brief one. 

The Fire was cleaned and laid. Hall, Lounge  AND Dining room hoovered. Kitchen was still a midden but I deserved a rest with a Victoria Wood documentary and a packet of plain hula hoops. 

Then, as I actually had the house to myself for the first time in forever, I could actually watch 

Oh it was just perfect. I had a big soppy grin on my face at the proposal and was devastated when it finished. It's toooo long to wait for the next series. 

Dragging my backside off the sofa, I returned to the kitchen. Folded the bagillion BFL and stood and admired the clean! 

The rest of the evening was spent perfecting my couch potatodom.  
I did download the 'The Voice'App. I watched, listenened, pressed my red button and filled up my team with the opera singing ice cream seller girl, theAlison  Hammond lookalike, the cute podgy ginger Scottish kid and a fire fighter. Can't wait for next week!! 

Today, I was up with the larks. More kitchen floor was tackled. The wash basket was emptied. Pork chops, roast potatoes, veg and mushroom gravy was made and eaten by 2pm. 

The newly laid fire has been lit. I'm knitting another Teddy as the first one was given to Harry for his 4th Birthday! 
Back to work tomorrow so I'm off for a nice long bath with one of my Christmas Bath Bombs. 

How have you spent your weekend? 

Love from 
Rachel *finally has a clean house* ( well downstairs at least ) Radiostar xx 


  1. Very impressed with your hard work, although scrubbing the floor with a brush is surely a step too far. You will show the rest of us up, woman! Christmas Downton was lovely indeed. About time those two got hitched. Yet to watch the Voice, but having cut out some new squares for L's quilt and managed to slice the table cloth in the process I think I will stop and do that now xx

    1. I use a long handled kitchen sink type brush, no kneeling down for me!!

  2. ooooohhh look at Miss Busy Knickers!!!

    1. I admit to being a fraud..... This post makes me sound far more active than I actually was!

  3. My dear wife (Lady Magnon) is pretending to clean as I write. She doesn't fool me!

  4. oh thanks for the tip on the actifizz, my floor grouting is currently black!


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