Wednesday 14 January 2015

Slightly less lazy......tackling the grime one lunchtime at a time!

Well, I did come home and change my bed on Monday lunchtime. Instead of just sitting on my backside doing nothing! I was at work till 7.30pm being trained. Trained to deal with the cherubs I work with. So when I got home, after having something to eat and drink, it was very blissful getting into a nice clean bed. The bonus being enclosed/encased/snuggled in flannelette. I call them my 'fluffy' sheets. I got them from the old Mill of Dunhelm last year. If pushed, I'd go as far to say this purchase was my. Best. One. Ever. In. The. Whole. Wide. World. I do not have a working radiator in my bedroom and it does get a tad chilly. I do have a fully operational beautiful coal fire, however it's stuffed full of teddies right now and it's alarmingly close to the bed!  There's also an old pillow stuffed up it to try and eliminate draughts! ( I'd take a photo to show you but it needs de cluttering! ) Oh bugger it, here's my beautiful original fireplace ( LOOK AT THE DUST ) - there was an even nicer one downstairs, but the HG's Gran had it ripped out in the 1930s to replace it with a highly fashionable beige tiled fire surround! The teddies you see are what I've been bought through the years by my Children. BC ( Before Children ) I'd matched the flowers and colours in the tiles with dried flowers  shoved into oasis - what??? Don't judge me. It was the early 1990s....EVERYONE had dried flower arrangements. But then the Uni one arrived. Started crawling. And systematically ripped out my lovely arrangement. It would seem she had better taste than me!! The empty box just needs moving for recycling. I've been taking it downstairs everyday for a week... ( lazy ) and the carrier bags are full of wool! 
On the bed is my fully Flannelette duvet cover. It is just to die for. I do not care about what things look like- it's pale blue, my room is pale blue. However, im sure there is a market for a beautiful Duvet cover on the top.......but with a flannelette underside! Sliding into flannelette is like climbing onto your Nanna's lap for a cuddle, when you were about five. It envelops you with warmth and comfort! You do not get that 'OMG it's chuffing cold' feeling when you park your body on a normal cotton sheet that's freezing! 
This post was not originally going to be about my Fluffy Sheet Fetish, it just evolved! 
Here, have a closer look at a 110ish year old tile! 

Yesterday, before work, I emptied the dishwasher and set off another load of washing. At lunchtime ( my lunch break is 12.10 -1.00pm I came home ( arriving about 12.15 ), I peeled the spuds for the Sausage, Mash and Beans tea and I swept the floor. ( I set off back to work at 12.55, I can make the bell if it's as late as 12.57 ). 
Last night I finished work at 5.30 like normal, although we did get an 'early' finish as the last Night Owl was collected at 5.20pm. 
There was no Karate run with the Teen, but the HG did need to put fuel in his workvan ( how cheap is the fuel these days!!! £50 certainly fills the tank a bit more ) 
So....the real thing I was actually going to post about ....( finally ) 
I called at The Burys of Sains supermarket for milk - Yes I know, how did I use the £90 quids worth I bought last time - and I got these bargain cherries! I loves cherries. I bought two punnets. With hindsight I should have bought them all and made Cherry Jam. But I didn't. Healthy snacks for me for the next few days. Such luxury!! 

Today, at lunchtime, I will hoover the stairs. Tackling my laziness and filthy house one lunchtime at a time! I have just dusted that fireplace by the way. Best try and prize myself out of my fluffy sheets and into my work clothes now, else I'll be late!! 

Again a waffley old post of nothingness- I do claim to write about my none adventures! I can not be done under Trades Descriptions! 

What do you get up to in your lunch break? 

Love From 
Rachel *flannelette* Radiostar xxx


  1. Comfort all the way I say. It's one of the nicest things about getting older :o) Impressed with your cleaning one day at a time. I've towels in the washing machine, then a post to write, then an assignment to finish, so Very Exciting Stuff happening here at the mo as well :o) xx

  2. Oh I'd kill, no honestly I would, for flannelette sheets....its bloody cold in Wales at the moment. Love the fire place m'dear but it is indeed a tad close to thee bed for comfort, is there no way of rearrangement to allow it's use.? Oh imagine snuggled up in flannelette sheets watching the fire elves dance their magic... Ooooohhhhh.

  3. I too love flannelette, so warm and cosy. Bargain cherries - Double yum. I work lunch times at the moment as a dinner lady at a high school.

  4. oh id love flannelette sheets, my lunch break was spent picking son up from college and taking him home!

  5. I saw your comment on Countryside tales & had to pop over. I could never own a wool shop, I'm quite sure I would keep the door locked to save me from selling the stuff. Your sheets sound wonderful, I'm not allowed to have flannel sheets, husband hates them?? I do have a flannel skirt though, a smart one for work. I find myself stroking my legs whilst sat at my desk!

  6. Rachel
    Your day sounds like one of mine.xx


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