Thursday 6 February 2014

It's certainly windy!

Hehehe last night I had some vegetarian haggis. It was a bonus yellow sticker find après Burn's Night. I love Haggis. Meaty or veggie. Am happy to report that both versions leave me with the same symptoms that an 8 year old boy would kill for! Just call me a human whoopee cushion!!!
It was a very frugal tea. There are two portions left too. I made a root veg mash of a Cyprus potato, a parsnip, a carrot and some swede to go with it. Very winter warmed I was!

But the wind I'm talking about is the one that's whistling down the chimney. I'm starring in my very own horror movie sound effect scene! It's horrendous. But nothing like the terrible conditions  those down south are struggling with. I hope you all escape lightly. Watching on the news last night , seeing the train track destroyed in Cornwall is quite unbelievable in our part of the world.

I've been reading around a few of my blogs - no Early Birds today so am enjoying a more leisurely morning. I think I need an eye test as I'm getting worse at getting those Capitcha code words right first time! Last week,a few of them were purely numerical, which were much easier. Back to letters this week. I have to admit that I do sometimes give up trying to comment, or not even bother. A bit grumpy old lady of me - which is why I don't have it! Yes comments come through to moderation. I know only a few folks pop by ( and who can blame them! Drivel I pour out ) but I don't want to put off the lovely folks who do comment.

My latest knit job is a hooded cardigan for the baby boy next door but one. Two fronts, the back and a sleeve are done. I'm halfway through the second sleeve. I can't seem to motor through this knit and it's only simple stocking stitch . The wool is a lovely flecked Arran style wool and is soft and cuddly. If I don't get a move on with it, the baby will have grown too much!! If that happens I have two yet to be born babies who it could go to and as it's a monster ball of wool, I'll just knit the next size up!

Rugby update. My beloved boys won an exciting game. Those Italians have been working hard. I didn't swear *that* much!!
Oh well, best get this Thursday going! Enjoy your day, I intend to x


  1. I also hate those capitcha thingys. Those words are so hard to see sometimes, I can cope with the numbers. We have been so luck in our corner with this dreadful weather just localised flooding and a little damage. Nothing to complain about unlike down south. I do wish the rain would stop, I'm sure I saw some webbing on my toes last night.

  2. I struggle with those squiggly mashed up letters as well, if I can't get it first time I just leave it. Our weather is tame compared to many although it was howling wind from around 1.45 yesterday afternoon, with heavy rain, lovely.

  3. I can do the numbers but the fuzzed up code words are terrible. LOVE vegan looks nothing like a haggis but a few bites and my wee Scots phrases come rushing back.
    Love the colour of that yarn. Don't feel too bad for being a slow knitter, I have one baby mitten done for my nephew...who was 40 last year.
    Jane x

  4. Our dinner last night was lentil curry so it was also pretty windy around here, too. Tonight the wind is on the outside of the house. I've had to tape up the letterbox to stop it rattling. I love haggis too and have my own veggie haggis recipe that uses oatmeal and nuts, plenty of black pepper and a couple of tablepoons of whisky.

  5. I also find the captcha annoying. I have difficulty commenting on wordpress blogs because I have a wordpress blog that is business related and when I comment my comments refuse to link to my blogger account. I have given up trying to comment on certain blogs because of this.


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