Tuesday 11 February 2014

Ever broke your foot with a sausage roll?

Nope? Just me then! 

Alright I am being a bit of a drama llama, but not five minutes ago ( 6:35 ) I was foraging in the freezer for some beef to make a slow cooker delight for tea tonight.
( imagine I'm playing that 'our tune' so g off the radio ) 
 My fridge is my one true love. I still call it my new fridge, when in truth it's probably nigh on ten years old! It's an American style fridge that I saved hard for two years to buy. It was eight hundred of my English pounds. They were elite back then. It's a sleek silver ice dispensing thoroughbred. The refrigerator is cavernous and I need a stool to clean the top shelf. 
( now imagine I'm playing that sound effect of a needle being abruptly ripped off an LP ) 

( I actually could have somehow put sound effects into this post somehow by googling them and inserting links - but it's nearly 7am and I'm blogging off my little phone! ) 
I digress.... 

The freezer compartment is shite. 

I think it's that ying yang thing. Cliche - gotta take the rough with the smooth. 
It's narrow and shelved. And a big bit is taken up by my beloved ice dispenser. 
Anyway, if one is freezing neat A5 boxes of things ( I never buy neat boxes of things ) it's ideal. Ready meals in little boxes would stack up nicely. In my freezer at the moment I have bread, stupid sized artisan style bread the HG races to Sainsbury's to buy when they are yellow stickered. He emerges, triumphant with armfuls of sunflower & spelt stuff, pain de campagnes, walnut and cauliflower ( just checking you are still reading! ) baguettes etc almost all of which are already rock hard! I have to say we do have the poshest breadcrumbs this side of the Pennines! Top tip is I wrap the full loaf in foil with a good sprinkling of water and put in a hot oven for ten minutes. It freshens it up again and is delicious with soup! Along with the awkward bread I have yellow stickered awkward vacuum packs of jounts of meat. Stupid sized trays of burgers ( because we didn't have enough BBQs in the summer ) , odd bags of frozen veg, Glorious soup in those not freezer friendly plastic tubs bought when they are on offer for a pound a pot and lots of pound land takeaway containers full of HB meals. They alone fit perfectly. Oh I also have some Barton Grange Sausage Rolls in there. They are the best sausage rolls money can buy. Barton Grange is a fantastic place, posh garden centre with a posh cook shop, posh gift shop, posh cafe with a gorgeous posh view,  posh restaurant, posh interior design bit and posh farm shop. And the poshest, glitteriest, colourful stylish wow factor  ever Christmas displays. I walk in like I'm posh and wealthy. I walk out with a packet of five large sausage rolls ready to bake for £3.99!! Actually I only ever buy liver from their butchers too because it's cheap and not blood vesselly! We also HAVE to buy Manchester Tarts for the HG. ( insert your own innuendo here ). The car park is also quite posh. The toilets get ten out of ten for poshness too. My posh purple kitchen bins came from there. They have the best posh sale ever, and there are always posh bargains to be had. It's why we go! 

Anyway ( I do like to spin a yarn out!! ) whilst foraging in the stupidly jam packed freezer, it decided to throw up all over me and the pack of three sausage rolls ( I'd cooked two from fresh ) slipped out and landed right on the top of my foot. Oh my stars I said A LOT of bad words! It brought a tear to my eye. I've a lovely large bruise forming already! Who knew Sausage Rolls could be deadly? 

Latest work in progress... the little hoodied cardigan for the baby next door but two. I'm worried it won't fit as his mother insists on feeding him and he is growing faster than I can knit! It doesn't look very cute right now! I've almost finished off the hood, then I've the pocket edges to do and much sewing up! It looks daft right now!! 


  1. Right I am going to tidy my fridge freezer now. I had one of those American things 10 years ago and when I sold the house the new owner offered me more for it than I had paid. When I moved I bought a fridge freezer and a chest freezer with the money, a very good move. As to your accident, about 20 years ago I was rootling round the loft and found my box of Meccano, the excitement factor was in outer space. Down it came and I bolted bits here and there and left it on the floor when I went to bed. Fast forward to the next morning, desperate for tea I hurtled through the house, no lights on, and "bang crash wallop" My right foot was imbedded in the construction and when I pulled it out half my big toe nail was left behind. Mind you there was a bonus, I had weeks off work while it healed as I could not wear slippers never mind shoes and my insurance paid up handsomely. I should add that my fall took out the TV, video player and the stereo system. I read a lot of books that year.

    1. I used to have a chest freezer but I got rid of that and have my old fridge freezer in the cellar now too. The extra fridge space is a godsend at Christmas :-)

    2. A frozen chest? Oh er madame..

  2. It's my dream to have a second fridge in the house because I'm always scrambling to try to fit all the veggies into the fridge.

  3. Poor you, hope the foot's better soon. We have a big chest freezer so things don't fall out of it, but being short it can be a bugger to reach down to the bottom. I've bruised ribs leaning over too far for too long. I now have it organised into those large, sturdy trolley bags from places like Tesco, that way i just have to grab the handles and drag out the appropriate bag to root through. That works as long as i don't overfill the bags and pull muscles lifting them out.

  4. We also have a chest freezer, Helen, and it's on blocks so that when I defrost it I can get a bowl under it (it had a plug whole fro draining the melted ice). But when I reach for the bottom my feet leave the floor. Rachel I also love Barton Grange and yes it's posh. You have to put on your Sunday best to visit there. I love the Christmas displays there. Hope your foot is feeling better,

  5. Rachel I also call my fancy side by side fridge new and it is also about the age that yours is. We were fortunate as we were attracted to one until the sales man advised us that the freezer compartments are rather small in these fancy fridges. He then showed us the one with the best freezer space. Don't worry I often have broken feet from frozen things spewing out of my freezer. (You are not alone)

  6. Sorry to hear this.
    Be lovely to have you following mr back on twitter .
    Your blog is looking good.


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