Saturday 1 February 2014

It's all about the RUGBY!!

I bloody love the annual RBS6Nations me.

I bloody love the Wales squad!

Yes yes I am English, but surely by now, you know I love the underdog. Well many many years ago, stuck with a Bairn on my knee on a cold day in February, the Rugby came on and I was transfixed. I'd  never seen it before. We hate football in this house and didn't choose sports as recreational telly.

The sheer brute force.. The thighs. The confusing rules. The backwards passing. The thighs. The crowd. The raw power. The team playing. The supporters. The thighs. The singing. The thighs.

Ahem I was HOOKED. The team that caught my heart were the Welsh. Because they lost every match in those days I was starting out my rugby career, by a lot.
The commentary back then went.
Jones, to Jones, to Williams to Jones and back to Jones ( sorry, am chuckling!! )  I willed them on to no avail. I didn't care. I loved them. 
A few years later, Johnny Wilkinson made it fashionable ( in my circles ) to like Rugby; he kicked a spellbinding kick in the very last second to win the World Cup. I still followed Wales. ( I will support ANYONE over the French mind - so I can be heard to shout COME ON ENGLAND sometimes! )

I kinda understand the rules ish. I am DYING to go to the Milennium Stadium to watch a live match. I can only compare it to going to a gig. The delicious anticipation of you and several thousand others all there for the same reason.

Anyway, it's starting this afternoon. My beloved Wales are playing Italy, traditionally always an easy win ... But you can never be certain in this game. The British Lions won this year and as the majority of that winning team were Welsh I'm hoping it doesn't have too much of an impact on this 6Nations. Can Wales make it three in a row? Let's bloody hope so! And even if they don't, I will still love them!

I am sorry if any hardened rugby experts are reading this and are exploding with incandescent rage at my uneducated post!

Enjoy the games if you watch! If you listen hard enough you will be able to hear me swearing my head off at the telly! My family totally disown me! Watching along with Twitter is great too!!!

Love from Rachel COME ON WALES Radiostar xxx



  1. My brother in law's friend played for Scotland,so we cheered for Scotland. We moved to Scotland so cheered for Scotland. We moved to Canada...have you seen Canadians play rugby? *sound of cicadas*.
    We had an English cat who loved watching rugby on TV ...she'd "WHAP" Irish players as they dashed across the screen.
    Jane x

  2. Ha ha Rachel, I enjoy the big games but I am not the most ardent of fans. I laughed myself silly the other day. My husband says, "Yay rugby season is coming back now our Saturdays will not be boring anymore." I did not know that my Saturdays were boring upto that point.

  3. Ah and what a game it was too, the Italians have moved up to a competitive level and now insure all the others will not take them lightly, tis the spud pickers next for us Rach...going to be tough one that.....plenty of thighs though!!


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