Tuesday 18 February 2014

Am I a groovy mum?

This is my February effort for the very lovely Kate, over at Kate on Thin Ice and her Groovy mum linky >>> http://kateonthinice.com/grooving/what-a-groovy-mum-looks-like/

So...am I indeed a groovy mum?

I put this to my 16 and three quarters year old son.

"Can't you ask my sister?" He whined.

I already did, I told him.



 I dismissed him back to his lair. ( The one he only comes out of to feed ) and he called out as he pelted back up the stairs three at a time with his impossibly long legs that he inherited from his father,
"Make it up!"

This response from my precious firstborn who answered my texts thus:-

Me: humour me, it's for the blog. Tell me ten reasons why you have a groovy mum.

Her: I don't know .. define groovy.

So I tweeted her the link to Kate's blog.

Me: check your twitter

Her: I'm in Uni!!!!

Me: later!
 ( A bit later )
You would be groovier if you stop using the word groovy.
You are bringing me a pie at the weekend.
You do my nails.
You have good music taste.
You are a good cook.
You bought me a signed Hurts picture.
You usually have good dress sense.

Ask my brother for the others!!

So folks, groovy or not? You decide!
I reckon I'm fairly groovy because I've knitted this with my very own groovy fingers! It's almost finished! 

Oh and if anyone is looking for another groovy mum chum of mine aka FrugalMummy , she is having blog issues. Her blog has been taken down for reasons only known to the universe. Once she decides what to do I will let you know xx 


  1. New blog address: www.frugalmummytwo.blogspot.com

  2. Your definitley a groovy mum, who knits! Can't wait to see the finished garment! Teens! They are a constant challenge Zx

  3. You? Groovy? Nah...special? yep :)

  4. What do teens know about groovy. My teen says I have no fashion sense, but she doesn't do the cooking and cleaning and all the rest. I don't want to muck up my good clothes and as I'm not part of the paid work force I keep my nice things for doing nice things. I wondered what had happened to frugal mummy. Off to find her now.

  5. I didn't even dare use the word 'groovy' when I asked my kids, I'd say they've never heard of it too. I used 'cool' instead :)

  6. I think that's a good list! My kids had no idea what groovy meant so I used the word cool! Not even sure they know what that means either!!!

  7. My daughters often discuss me, in front of me, as if I am not there. They say things like, "Oh Mom thinks she made a joke, SIGH." I would not get anything pleasant from them if I posed this question. I know what they would do they would list all the reasons why I am not cool.


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