Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Early birds AND Night Owls

I am soooooooo tired! This week I am also working at the School's Breakfast Club ( from 7:30am ) as I'm covering for a plaguestruck work chum. I really really mean this as I hope SHE GETS WELL SOON! ( she sometimes reads this! )

What really saddens me though, some of the early birders are there with me .... Right the way to the end of Night Owls at 5:30pm. This little lad I have in my mind rarely smiles. He will sometimes enter into conversation with you, but never voluntarily. He looks serious the whole time. I'm not surprised. I'm not sure where he lives but being dragged out to school when it's dark and going home in the dark is soul destroying for ME let alone a little lad of eight years old.

On the other hand, I applaud his hard working mother for going out to work to keep a roof over his head. But surely there should be a compromise. Mind you, isn't this what a certain  politician has been wanting this week? Extended schooling for all? Well I say NO.  Children need their freedom. Yes, at Night Owls we provide fun, we let them play out, we craft, we have DVD night with popcorn etc in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere...but at the end of the day they are still in school.

I don't know what the answer is. It's keeping a roof over MY head! The only reason I now work longer hours is because my two selfish brats went and ruddy well grew up on me. One even moved away to go to Uni and demonstrate how independant she is! The other is a Sixth Form Student cruising through A Levels. I had the opportunity to work at Breakfast Club when it first started up.  I declined, even though I could bring the boy free of charge with me. I didn't want to leave the responsibility of locking up the house to my then 12 year old girl and I certainly wasn't dragging the boy out of the house at 7am every morning.  I chose this. The extra money would have come in very handy for sure, but I decided that money wasn't everything.

This post wasn't meant as a debate as such - just a non conclusional ramble.  It's very windy outside but I think us oop North have got off lightly compared to the people of Cornwall and Wales I'm hearing about on the news. I also am listening to the radio talking about how it's TEN years today since  twenty three Chinese cockle pickers lost their lives in the treacherous Bay not far from where I live. Time flies. Don't waste a single minute.
Oh well, best get my wriggle into gear or something! Work beckons. Saw this on the t'internet. It's so me!


  1. Rachel I was a single Mom and had to work three jobs to pay rent and buy food. I don't know if support is better for single parents in the UK but my children for a long time were the children dropped off in the dark and picked up in the dark because there was no alternative. It would be wonderful if there was more support for people who work hard to sustain their families and not wait for handouts. I understand why you are sad for this child but at least he is safe, warm, fed and has you taking care of him in the evening.


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