Wednesday 31 July 2013

Week 2 almost halfway through!

I am so loving the break.

Everyday I am awake at 6am with the delicious feeling of a day in which to please myself! I'm almost hoping for a non sunny day so I have an excuse to stay in and do some jobs! I gave my bathroom a good going over yesterday and it gleamed like it was showroom fresh! Related: things I love and hate in equal measure , my taller than me chrome towel rail radiator. That thing is a dust trap.

I cannot stay indoors when it is sunny. I sat and knitted in the sun yesterday, doing that awkward bend your legs to get the sides done pose! I need to sit in the mirror image next time in the awkward bend your legs to get the matching sides done- although when I'm coated in a slick of factor 30 I don't know why I bother! Anyway there will be a new ( at long last ) finished project for you to see very soon!

I have just been on" bloglovin' " and found a lot of you bloggers on there. My dear bloggy chum at Vivi- section :// has a "bloglovin'" button on her home page and now I WANT ONE, tried in gadgets to no avail. Hopefully you will see this Viv xxx

Today I plan on being at one with my kitchen. My absolutely FANTASTIC friend FM at My Beautiful Life heard my pleas from afar ( she's in France on her hollibobs )  and posted some marrow/corgettey recipes for me as I was given some by a lovely neighbour ( yes, I do have some nice ones for those of you who follow me on Twitter ) who has a 'lotty' of which I am envious!

I will be back later with recipes and pics xx
Have a great day!

STOP PRESS!  I did it!!
Have a look and press my button!

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