Wednesday 17 July 2013

That time of year, again.

It's been "THE" talk off the school nurse today.  
You know the one, the one where the boys get hysterical at words like bra, lobelia* and public* hair, the one where the girls pull faces and stay mortified and disgusted at what they are hearing and seeing! Well, one young chap almost wet his pants at a cartoon picture of a boy and a girl holding hands. He spontaneously combusted at the S word. You know, the S as in a kind of a whale word. Don't make me say it! *

So they all know what their various bits and pieces are for and what they are going to end up like. 
A gorilla like my dad one chap informed us! Quality questions included topics such as now they had "THE" talk ( this is how the kids have been referring to it, thee talk with over exaggerated finger air quotes, will puberty happen overnight, like TONIGHT?! Several kids were a bit perturbed about that- I say kids, I mean the boys. The girls have all been wearing bras since September and thanks to the Period talk in Y5, were mostly non plussed. Although several young ladies were heading home to discover their ummm errr mmm Clatorible* !!!!  The nurse told them to have a good look with a mirror! 
( I am SUCH a Victorian prude! ) 

I was just slightly sad that for some of them who were completely in the dark, innocent childhood really is coming to a close. Two days left is all we have. I'm going to miss this lot, well some of them. A few ill be cheerfully waving off! 


  1. Oh to be that sweet and innocent again!!

  2. We had a tame version of this all those decades ago, living on a small holding in a farming community I was mildly amused and so blase. I remember telling one of the bragging boys that he should be there when we put the Shire Stallion to his next Mare, then he would never brag again.

  3. Enjoy your last day with them, then enjoy a few weeks of respite.

  4. Rachel it is so important that children understand their bodies and know what is alright and what is not alright and are comfortable with it, but on the other hand I think that in the desire to educate, educators over do it. Some knowledge I feel is given too soon and kids are exposed to so much why hurry with everything.


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