Saturday 20 July 2013

School is OUT!

Let the Summer Holidays commence! Officially I don't count it as starting till Monday as we get the weekends off anyway! I'm about to strip my bed and tackle some stuff that needs putting away before it gets too hot - yes the sun is still shining-  and before somebody calls the Documentary team working for the BBC programme Extreme Hoarding! I'm then planning on pottering in the garden and generally catching up with a few jobs that need doing. 

I was lucky enough to receive some wonderful cards and gifts from the children leaving my class. Including this! 
I've never seen this before! It's still in the packet, it's going in the fridge to be savoured a teeny morsel at a time! 
I'm planning on sitting in the garden catching up with emails and knitting later. How are you spending your Saturday? 
Love Rachel xx 

PS. Forgot to tell you, met my new potential neighbours last night. They are WONDERFULLY LOVELY! There is a slight delay due to my current neighbours' house they are buying apparently - please pray WITH ALL THAT YOU HAVE that these issues are quickly resolved!!

Although I know you will miss my tales from next door ! I know some of my followers on Twitter will!  Don't worry, the cranks on the other side show no signs of itchy feet! 


  1. I used to have rotten neighbours, we ended up moving although they moved too. A visit from CID as one was underage and in the country without her parents permission. Plenty of tales to tell too, which I can now find a bit amusing but not at the time. I'll keep everything crossed for you.

  2. We are currently hiding in the house as the child is at full volume next door and he is NEVER checked by his folks

  3. Whoop, whoop enjoy your summer holiday. I have to wait for mine till December. SO JEALOUS. I do have something to look forward to though. My eldest baby is coming home in 1 week! I have not seen her since October last year. My middly baby is coming home the week after! I have not seen her since January. We are celebrating middly's 21st YAY.


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