Monday 3 April 2023

Easter Hols

 It day one of the hols. Bundon Flowers was brought out of the fridge yesterday and woken up. He now lives on my coffee table when he’s out - he seems to like it! I made a loaf and fed him using a mix of 20% wholemeal flour to 80% white bread flour. The loaf I’ve baked this morning is delicious chewy and satisfying. I’ve had to plan more carefully because it does take so much longer than ‘normal’ bread. I will make a loaf from today’s discard for the freezer and maybe feed him for tomorrow where I want to try crumpets. Then he will go back in the fridge! 

The fan jigsaw is coming on. 

This week will zoom by, I did nowt really over the weekend - if I have the energy I will share Saturday’s angst tomorrow. It will make more sense! It’s freezing cold, bright and sunny. Going to set the whites off to peg out. Today I’ve lunch out and a natter with my friend. I’ve to find my old paper driving licence to take in town on Thursday to convert to a photo one ( not that I drive - I’m pathetic and gripped by anxiety and truly believe I will die if I drive - if only I practiced what I preached at work sigh anyway ) it vexes me MASSIVELY tht you need photo ID to vote. FURIOUS. But as ever I will comply. I need to ring EDF to moan at them and book an eye test for Thursday where I’ll have to go to town ( ugh ) but I’ll take my mum and we’ll have some lunch somewhere. Think I’m seeing my sister tomorrow - we share an Iceland delivery because I don’t need much and they don’t deliver to where she lives and the Electricity Board ( steam coming out of my ears even thinking about it linked to Saturday ) are supposedly coming at 8am. 

I will take Bluebell to the park after I come back from lunch and then potter about and create something good for tea! 

Have a good day - I broke out the sandals yesterday for a while! 

Lots of love

Rachel *so good to have a break from work * Radiostar xx 


  1. Sandals in early April, very brave.

  2. Enjoy your Spring Break. I’m still wearing woollen socks and trainers here as our weather doesn’t seem to be warming much. Enjoy your lunches and socialising-at least you won’t be too tired to enjoy it. Catriona

  3. Love the loaf, love the sandals and love the Easter holidays. Have a really lovely day. xx

  4. You are a brave lady wearing sandals already. Enjoy your Easter break. Xx


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