Sunday 9 April 2023

Jam and Pizza

I’m just having a minute before I cook the tea. 

Here’s my jam all potted. I sieved the final half jar and wish I’d sieved the rest but  can cope with a few seeds. Hindsight and all that. Isn’t the little strawberry kilner jar sweet! Anyway I’ve been into the jam already and it is DELICIOUS!! I made pastry the other night and had a lump leftover ….methinks there maybe a few jam tarts going in the oven later. 

We had a lovely late invite round to our good friends for cheeeeeese and wine. So whilst we were out after my hair appt we popped into Booths and bought some Hot Cross Bun Wensleydale and some Red Fox Leicestershire to bring with us. The HG picked up some beer and I chose a couple of the pre
Mixed cocktails in a tin! None of us actually opted for wine as we normally do! The Hot Cross Bun cheese was bloody gorgeous. Really really good! There was a good selection to choose from inc brie, cheddar with mango and ginger yum, lancashire with apple and cinnamon. Some ewes milk cheese which was mild and smooth. Also on the table was the pizza I made. I didn’t get a photo of it cooked. I’d already started the dough. I made it with my sourdough discard. I hand stretched it a bit like one of those pizza chefs spinning them round on their hands!! Well I picked it up and manoeuvred it about a bit. I lined a tray and finger pressed it out. 
I used a tin of mutti pizza sauce, sprinkled with a mix of grated cheddar and mozzarella and sliced mushrooms onto it. I left one end just cheese and tomato incase someone did t like mushrooms! Covered it and popped it into a bag for life for the walk round the corner!!! It was so good and the HG declared that I could make that again!! Usually he goes
For a thin and crispy vase but this was quite soft and pillowy. Really tasty! 

It rose really well with the warm weather. 

There were 6 of us and the chat was varied and funny and interesting. We came home about 1am!! 

This morning was fine and I was up about 6.30am. I did some washing and tidying and then we went out visiting. I’ve walked the dog and we are having lamb leg steak, new potatoes and seasonal veg* and there’s sticky toffee pud for afters. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow but it’ll involve walking the dog and lazing about no doubt!! 

We are going to watch the Paul O’Grady special tonight if I can stay awake. 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *seasonal veg is probs just carrots n peas hahaha * Radiostar xxx 


I am reading all of the blogs and love them but am struggling to comment but I am definitely here following what’s going on x 


  1. Oh if only we lived close enough: that pizza looks gorgeous!!

  2. Are you related to Mary Berry, it all looks good, toast and homemade jam sounds brilliant.

  3. There's nothing quite like home made jam, is there. Even the poshest bought kind cannot compare. xx

  4. The pizza also seems like something I would enjoy :) I love the strawberry Kilner jar. X


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