Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Today’s news - Covid Free!

 Well I was officially released ( the wording is hilarious ) at Midnight on the 15th . First thing on the 15th in the morning I’d tested postive. Anyway 

It’s now Tuesday and I’ve proposed to my boss that I will go back Thursday and Friday just for a few hours then I can see how I am and I’ve the weekend to recover. She’s agreed and I do feel good about the plan. 

The HG has gone back to work today - his day 7 as he tested negative yesterday and today and Mr 24 has remained  negative throughout. 

I ventured out for a little stroll with Bluebell on Sunday afternoon. She ran her little legs off. I was barely out for 30 minutes and was exhausted! I took her yesterday for about 35 minutes and it was truly lovely to be outside in the fresh air but the effort left me breathless and tired! 

Honestly, I sit down these days and close my eye and when I open them, an hour - two hours have gone! 

Oooo I was a nowty mare as well yesterday.  We have a new fancy pants boiler - that’s operated by technology and because that wasn’t pairing up, despite me following the trouble shooting steps online - and being told that the live chat help wasn’t available etc I ended up ringing. Someone with not an English accent answered, spoke too fast, repeated my postcode back to me but it sounded like he said R not L so when I corrected him, he snapped that he HAD said L THEN he said wait a minute and cut the call. I had a little steam coming out of my ears. So I called back. Hmmmm. Different person, still very unclear, definitely English was not his first language. But I persevered. We have three stupid technology thingies. So he asked me for the 6 digit number on the hub. I was downstairs, trying to look for it. After a few minutes, I learned that the box in my hand off the wall was the thermostat and the hub was plugged into the router. I had to ask him to wait as I crawled upstairs, now out of breath and nowty, read the numbers ( hard because my glasses were downstairs and my covid eye as I call it, is providing me with very blurred vision ) to him. He then said - the hub is working and it’s got a green light. I said yes. It is the box on the wall next to the boiler that has the orange light. Ohhhh he says, that’s the receiver. Can you tell me what the issue is? 

Me - speaking. loudly. And. Clearly. Told. Him. Again. That. Despite. Going. Through. The. TROUBLESHOOTING. That. The. Light. Remains. Amber. And. I. Cannot. Get. The. Heating. To. Come. On.I said that it was stressing me out! 

He then asked me to hold on, someone else joined the line what email address I’d set it up on. Also where had we got it from and when. 

I patiently gave him the info. He then said here’s what we will do 


I BLOODY KNEW WHAT THEY WOULD DO, much like when the TV goes off or anything, he made me do all the steps I’d done sixteen times previous!!! 


Instead of, on step one like it said on the online help page that when you press x button wait until the light flashes orange 

He said to press x button and wait for 10 seconds for light to go pink 

Next minute - thermostat in hand starts working, I’ve got heating, though I won’t get the 40 minutes of my life back nor the £££ it probably cost me to talk to India 

Happy days. 

With renewed warmth I was able to peel and crinkle cut some Cyprus potatoes to cook in the actifry. I almost crinkle cutted the end of my finger off! 

It did eventually stop throbbing enough for me to make a start on one of the jigsaws my sister dropped
off for me. 

It’s gorgeous. Have only done the edges so far but will have another go later on. 
So that’s it for now! Thank you for all of your comments on my Covid posts! They were really appreciated. 
I’m going back to signing off how I used to because I miss it hahaha 
Lots of love from 
Rachel *almost better now* Radiostar xxx


  1. I'm glad that you are almost better and it's only natural that you feel tired it's going to take a while for your body to recover. How frustrating was that phone call! I can relate I have been there several times life used to be so much easier before all this techy malarkey. Well done on completing the jig saw it's beautiful. xx

  2. Glad you are feeling well enough to be a tad nowty m'dear. Don't you just love call centres? I leave all such matters in the more capable (and patient) hands of G these days as I fear for my blood pressure if connected to such. Though back in the day when I made such calls I always tried to call to the customer complaints line where possible, even if the question was totally unrelated to complaints, as these inevitable were answered by folk with far better command of the English language than myself and were able to sort most of my issues.

  3. Much better news - hooray, just take it steady now

  4. Plan...prioritise...pace...nuff said! x

  5. I'm glad you're feeling better, albeit still exhausted, you've had a right old bout of it. I've never heard of 'nowty' !! (must be a Northern thing lol).

  6. Hope you are feeling stronger soon, just take it easy.

  7. Good to hear that you're released! What a frustrating tale of that phone call, I felt my blood pressure rise just reading it, but glad it's sorted and you have a working boiler again.

    Take it easy and best wishes for complete recuperation soon.

  8. Glad to hear you're almost better, but don't push yourself too hard, it sounds like you've had it bad and it could be a while before you're fully fit again. I hate anything technical but being a human ice block I'd definitely hate a boiler that relied on technology! Love the jigsaw. I'm working through my 500 piece ones far too quickly but can't bring myself to tackle a 1000 piece one at the moment. Hope your return to school goes well. I bet the children can't wait to see you again. xx

  9. Good to hear you are better and released. I hope the rest of 2022 is kinder to you.


  10. Great to hear you are on the mend. My daughter went down with Covid two weeks ago too, luckily a mild dose. She said it was like a heavy cold. I think the quarantine bothered her more than anything. She does though complain of feeling very tired and lethargic still. I have told her to take it easy and not over do it. I suggest you do the same as many people have said the lingering effects of the virus take quite a while to go. Take care. Amanda x


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