Thursday 27 January 2022

Post Covidness - the early days

 I returned to work part time last Thursday Friday and was glad of the reduced hours. This week has been back to my normal hours and roles and I am exhausted. I am surprised to find myself very out of breath! Walking and talking and just general moving about. My mouth is very sore with ulcers and last night I felt cold, headachey and covidey!! 

Now as I write this I am tired but am OK. Looking forward to the weekend. The working environment has been extremely challenging for myself and colleagues this week. So much so, the lottery winning email that arrived on Wednesday morning was very welcome. However, as it was only for £4.10 I am having to get back to reality and do what I can at work for those that matter. Those that don't can jolly well eff off and when they get there, they can eff the eff off a little bit further. Me and my friend are winning our millions a few quid at a time. 

If my mysterious benefactor is reading this - early retirement would be sooo lovely if you could just step forward!!! 

It's the annual 

How Much Procrastination Can Rachel Do Games 

because its the TAX Return on the 31st. Rachel is a gold medallist at this - ( hello new blog post! ) 

The income part was very quick to do - these are April 2020 - April 2021 books. Income - shite bugger all thanks Covid! However the HG and his trusty ipad and his incessant amazon habit have meant the outgoings column is LONG each month! To be fair - he is mostly replacing tools that are years old and we did benefit a little from the SEISS scheme or whatever it was called. Although not so much because the income profit figures were very down compared to his work mate thanks to effing cancer. 

What a moaning witch I am! 

Sooze - I am nowty!! When I saw your blog post saying you were steaming - I thought you were going to be telling us about getting drunk!!! 

Another phrase I trotted out today had my work chum saying what???

"I was standing there like cheese at fourpence."

She hadn't heard of it before. My beloved Nanna used to say it. I say it! Anyone else heard of it/ use it? My Nanna was originally born and bred in Yorkshire so maybe she brought it with her! 

Right, Stop distracting me from my work, the books need doing! 

Lots of love from

Rachel * Slave to HMRC* Radiostar xxx 


  1. We say 'tripe at fourpence' in our family; parents and numerous previous generations from East and West Yorkshire.
    Hope your sore mouth is better soon!

  2. Rachel, you always make me laugh! Today the “eff the eff off a little bit further” had me sniggering, There is a situation at our school right now where I would dearly love to say that to one of my colleagues. Be sure I will be thinking it if they so much as look in my direction tomorrow :)

    Absolutely no idea what standing there like cheese at fourpence means though.

    Glad you are on the mend from Covid. Pace yourself. Can’t be much longer until I succumb, Our ‘germ factory’ is riddled with it. Another 6 children sent home today and the equivalent of a whole year group off already.

    Keep smiling

  3. Take it steady.
    Cheese at fourpence is definitely not a saying in Suffolk. Must just be "oop north"

    Get that tax thing done - you wouldn't like a fine!

  4. Hi, My husband's grandmother said if someone was looking smart "you look like a 4 penny ham bone" as the ones she bought were only 2 pennies. We won the lottery once in our syndicate in work and it was a very small amount and one of my colleagues kept going around saying "this must not changed my life" till he was threatened if he said it again something would change his life!! Get well soon and keep laughing at life's ups and down.

  5. No I haven't heard that phrase it must be a Yorkshire one I think. No wonder you are tired it's going to take a while for your body to build up and get some strength back, what a pity you had to get back to work so soon. Mouth ulcers are awful I always get them when I don't sleep well for a few consecutive nights. Good luck with the books I hope you get a bit of rest over the weekend. xx

  6. I've never heard that saying before. My nanna had a couple of sayings, one being 'you're wandering around like the dream of olwen' when we weren't doing what we were supposed to be doing quickly enough lol. Apparently it's a film about a composer who sleepwalks off a cliff.

    I'm not surprised you're feeling shattered. The way you described your covid symptoms I'm surprised you're back in work full time at all just yet. Hope you have a restful weekend and you get the books done :) xx

  7. Hope you get your energy back soon. Not too long until half term.
    Never heard of that saying about cheese, what does it mean?


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