Friday 7 January 2022

COVID day 3 started early

 I’ll maybe document as I go. Edit Apologies for jumpiness. I have written this throughout day 3.

Time now: 6am

Last night

8ish HG went to bed feeling tired and rough.

9 ish -bed

11ish back downstairs to let Bluebell up who had barked. She ran into my room and probably woke the HG when she leapt up on the bed.

So I went to bed after I published day 2 roughly 9ish by the time I got sorted into bed. My lips are dry and cracking and inside my mouth is a bit sore. Went straight to sleep. Up at 11 for the bloody dog. Woke at 3.13am. Needed a wee -all the water. Noticed heartburn. Knew I had gaviscon somewhere but couldn’t be bothered to try and find it. Got comfy and slept fitfully because of the coughing. 

5.56 - awake, sore throat, heartburn, sore lips and cough. Joy of joys. Feel warm but not feverish. Headache still there but not as bad as day 1 and 2.

7am - HG tests negative and goes to work after feeding Bluebell. I stay in bed. 

8.30am - Mr 24 tests negative and goes to work. I have a temper tantrum as I cannot find any of the at least three chapsticks I have. Fall back weakly against the pillow. 


- take my time having a shower. First one since Tuesday morning - have not felt up to one since. I figured if I do lose my sense of smell, I’d best get clean! It’s nice standing under the hot water. It’s tiring getting dried but do feel better. 

Come downstairs and carefully distance and sanitise and mask wearing - hand over Harry’s birthday cards and a jigsaw to my sister at the front door. Most doors and windows open so a good through arctic blast should have blown all the black covid particles away for now. 

10am - now - been sat with a coffee catching up with Emmerdale. The fever symptoms seem to have gone. I’ve a slight sore throat, background headache and sore mouth and lips. Going to get some water now and put a cards on as I feel cold. 

3.30pm - home PCR just gone to post box via HG and Bluebell. Miss 27 just texted. Her beau just tested positive but she’s still negative. I’ve had a breathless cough chat with my head in the phone - she was just the same as me. So I have hoovered because I was finding it hard to relax with Christmas Tree debris everywhere. I needed a sit down after that. I’ve noticed going upstairs leaves me out of breath and my thighs burning as if I’ve done a lot of exercise! 

Don’t seem to be feverish now, lips are covered in lipsil and noticed I’m a bit bunged up! 

Fully aware of how moany this seems! 

It’s very cold oop North and the sky looks promising for snow but I’m not sure. 

9pm I have had enough of COVID. I have seen my arse with it all. Am fed up. Coughing and tired. Overtired. Out of breath. Sick of wearing a mask inside. Sick of it all. Tea  - had some garlic bread mainly to see if I could taste it. I could. But not sure if it was odd or just my mind. Very raaaaar. 

Turning in for the night. May I sleep through and wake up in a better mood than I am now. Also wanted to document in my big old menopausal adventures, on Jan 2nd after an epically bad and heavy 37 day period I finally stopped bleeding. I would be homicidal I think if I had this AND that to deal with. 

Day 3 done. 


  1. Sending love, rest and relax, get well.

  2. Onwards & upwards, things can only get better. My daughter got a negative LFT today- day 8. The rest of the family, bar middle son, are all negative too. Hallelujah! Me & hubby are in mini isolation as he's due to have shoulder surgery on Wednesday after a fall at work but if he's got covid, they won't do it.

  3. I am sorry you have that horrible COVID. Be good to yourself and rest as much as possible. There, I've given you free medical advice! Take care.

  4. Well, ick, Rachel! I think maybe you have been suffering from some of the more nasty symptoms and I feel for you. (Honestly, some people test positive but have no symptoms, and then there's those like you!) I hope you start to turn a corner soon, but don't push yourself my dear! Have some puppy dog therapy and drink lots of water. Hugs (from a distance). -Jenn

  5. Moan away, my dear. Goodness knows, if you can't moan when you have Covid, when can you moan. It sounds horrible and I think you have been pretty unlucky.
    Like the others, I would say take it gently, don't push things too much and listen to what your body is saying.

    So glad HG is negative.

  6. Sending best wishes and healing energy and a hope that day 4 will be better. x

  7. Oh Rachel, you poor thing. I just read your last 3 posts (bit behind in my blog reading). Sounds terrible, hope everyone else in the house stays negative. Take care and rest, rest, rest and lots of fluids. Sending a big virtual hug to you.


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