Monday 10 January 2022

Day 6 of Covid

 Well, last night was the worst night of it all so far. The coughing. The stressful thoughts of doom. I had very dark thoughts. The coughing brought my headache back. I was in some strange place thinking I know now how covid makes you die. It’s the cough and the fact there’s a bit in your throat you cannot cure with the cough. 

Very very strange. Think I last had a coughing fit at 4.19am. 

Thankfully the menfolks are STILL negative so have gone to work meaning I can be downstairs a bit to roam. I’ve managed to take just the sheets off my single makeshift bed mattress and my lovely big super king size bed that I am missing now, shove them in the washer n will tumble them shortly. 

I did a day 6 test - STILL POSITIVE. I’m going to have to try get some more LFTs from somewhere as we are down to the last few. PCR result still not here at 10.21am as I sit with a coffee. Then I’m going to nap as I am a very tired banshee after last night’s ‘do’. 

10.44- PCR came back unreadable - I wonder if it was due to being a postal one? Who knows. Anyway I have messaged my boss who I don’t know is back to work or not yet after having bad covid to see what she wants me to do. I am NOT going to get in the car with the HG just to get a covid test ( I don’t drive ) as it’s a very small space and I’ve taken so many precautions to keep him safe so far. 

With the rule change tomorrow ( 11th ) I reckon my collection of LFTs and my symptoms prove without any reasonable doubt that I do indeed have the plague. 

20.27pm I have felt so very tired this afternoon. I was exhausted after putt g the fitted sheets back on the bed. Ridiculous! Tonight I’ve had a shower and washed my hair. Feel tired out but better. Just watching Only Connect and hoping to fall fast asleep with none of the hideous coughing from last night. 

Oh who asked about those needles…they are knit pro ones. I’ve got the circular knit pro set and use them the whole time but I’ve a few ufos n them already. Maybe I will look to finish some. 

Day 6 - not great! 


  1. Rest up, Rachel. I'm exhausted whenever I make the bed, and that is without covid! X

  2. I hoped that you were gradually on the mend, but from the sounds of things not so, it sounds awful. My hubby went for a covid test at the hospital today, a prerequisite for his operation on Wednesday. So far we've both escaped the dreaded virus. It's anyone's guess as to whether the surgery will go ahead although we're in the east midlands where the hospitals are so far carrying on as normal.

  3. Aww Rachel, you poor thing. I've no idea what the rules are now concerning all this and I didn't even know there was a change coming tomorrow. Good to hear that the menfolk are still lurgy free and Miss 27 isn't feeling ill. Let's hope it all stays that way. xx

  4. I don't think there can be any doubt that you have the dreaded Covid and quite badly too - very unlucky for you.
    Don't try and push things too much - it's like the flu and really takes it out of you. Go gently!
    Sending love

  5. You've certainly got the worst of covid lurgys, Perhaps today will be the day you feel a lot better. I'm sending you some positive ((get well)) vibes in the hope the coughing stops

  6. Have too agree with t’other comments....take it easy o short one. You definitely have got the plague m’thinks so rest up and look after yourself or I shall be having stern words with thee...I may even swear!

  7. Rest my darling, and then rest some more........

  8. PCR tests need to be done within 48 hours of you collecting your samples. Some of our work ones come back as inconclusive if they haven't been done in this timeframe. A real piece of *oo! x

  9. Thank you for the needle info and sorry to hear you had a bad day six, lets hope that the worst is over. xx


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