Sunday 9 January 2022

COVID day 5.

 Symptoms wise - just the same as day 4, no better, no worse. It’s been a quiet lazy day. Frustrating still, the isolating,  but it must be working because so far my menfolk are testing negative. My PCR results are still not back.  Miss 27 however, has tested positive a day after her beau. They say they are not ill but just have a cough. 

I decided to knit something for my stash.using some gorgeous king Cole baby yarn in a soft grey.I’ve a sleeve and the other front to do tomorrow but not bad for a day’s work.

I also knit for the first time in ages on a pair of long needles. Lovely they were too. Brand new. 


Back for day 6, where I’m looking forward to being downstairs a bit more if the HG and Mr 24 are still negative and can therefore go to work. 
I am tired. Little appetite but can still taste and smell. Though I just noticed that I can smell aniseed, but no one else can.


  1. I'm extremely glad you are feeling no worse. Fingers crossed you can go downstairs more tomorrow (today?)

  2. The baby cardigan is lovely. I like knitting with long needles as stick one under my arm. Also the other advantage is that I will do both fronts at the same time and both sleeves at the same time, that way I can guarantee that both pieces will be the same size.
    Nothing wrong with lazy days when you are poorly.

  3. Wow that's amazing knitting, are you going to make the top and shorts, it's a lovely pattern. Have you tested today yet, hopefully with 2 negative tests freedom will be yours.

  4. Your knitting is lovely and I just love those needles, can I ask what kind they are? I'm glad that you are no worse and that your menfolk are testing negative. Keep resting and look after yourself. xx

  5. Mmmmm I know bugger all about knitting m'dear but I think the jumper looks rather splendid.

  6. When I had the Rona...over a year ago it was vinegar I couldn't stand the smell off...strangely I didn't go off tea or coffee like I normally do when ill. Took months before I could tell if milk had gone off too. No fun at all, then weeks later I succumbed to the delights of Long Covid...swollen joints and hurt everywhere...wouldn't wish that on anyone. Hope you continue to improve. It's just swept therough the care home I work in...residents and staff alike. Wish I could summon up some spare energy and do some knitting myself! x


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