Monday 1 January 2018

Post 1 2018

Bloody hell, I need to get a wriggle on if this is to be published on the first of January. I've been so busy all day since 6.30am when I woke up. Granted, two hours of this business included sitting on one's backside catching up with a little Hollyoaks!
I've been toiling in the kitchen. Turning the bags of spuds and parsnips I'd bought for the 15,000 imaginary guests at Christmas into 'Aunt Ressie's' goose fat roasts!

Right, nine minutes of today left.
So I was at one with my kitchen. I got out my three calendars. One of the beautiful Freddie - in the kitchen pride of place. A free one from SW with lush recipes to try and a gorgeous vintage sewing one for the craft room. My backside has now christened my new velvet chair. I got the sewing machine out today and shortened the HG's work pants that I've been doing for months. I keep giggling though because I am pretty sure I've gone too short and they are going to be half mask when he puts them on.
 It's 23.54 and I've to get the photos on. I've posted some more of my decks in situ because I loves them! The Russian Doll's Santa's are for the lovely blogger at The Balancing Kiwi to see. Xx
Right Pics n publish!


Rachel *was she in time?* Radiostar xx
  23:57 YES


  1. I can carry on my post in my comments!!!

    So...I never actually did the thing with the roasts and Yorkies until the lovely Sadie said she did on her blog. So I nicked her idea rather shamelessly and got on with it. The roasties you can buy in the shops are not very nice in my opinion. So I peeled, parboiled, drained, fluffed and roasted. Cool em on a tray. Open freeze then bag and chuck in the freezer. Easy teas in January for the men folk. I did myself a tray of roasted veg too, sans le goose fat.
    On the bottom photo you can see I'd just got the frozen spuds out of the freezer ready to bag up. I also made 12 yorkshires at tea time. 2 each for the menfolk and 8 for the freezer.

    The HG and I stayed in with a lovely roaring fire and the telly. We laughed and sang along to Jools Hootenanny and went to bed at a respectable 12.30am. I was impressed I'd stayed awake. The people round us clearly had government connections because he fireworks they were letting off were surplus stock from the Gunpowder plot. I thought the roof was going to come off!

    I have made a vow to read morein 2018. I started a book earlier but am not going to finish it. It's one of the ones my ma in law got for a lady who got it for a lady who got it from a lady. Some of these ladygot books are brilliant. Some are pants. This one, a Nora Roberts, just didnt whet my whistle. One of my good friends Hannah has told me about a book called Caroline - and it's all about the Mother of Laura Ingalls Wilder and I am goi g to see if I can get it soon. I also hoovered right throug today and after our lovely roast beef dinner tonight, cleaned up and swept and mopped the kitchen. Starting the year asI mean to go on nu til I can't be bothered to go on and slip back into my slovenly 'do itin the morning' ways. This will probably coincide
    with my return to work!!

    Tomorrow we are Venturing Out, Storm Eleanor permitting. Only to Hobbycraft. I want a foam ring because the bauble wreath idea usin my accquired pool foot didn't turnout as I wanted. Plus I was about eleventy billion baubles short so I might find some cheap in the sales too. It will be the first time I HAVE to go shopping since before Christmas. I will buy milk, bread, salad and dishwasher tablets if they are on offer. That's all we need as the freezers are stuffed with stuff for a good while yet.
    I can't think of all the other stuff I was goi g to blog about because I'm tired!

  2. .....and starting the year as we mean to go on.....I have the vintage calendar
    Oooooh you have been a busy girl today. I cooked the dinner but have since been a lazy wotsit trying out things in my new room. I even have a whole quilt of blocks pinned together ready to sew later today.
    There were fireworks here too but they didn't go on for as long as they usually do. Andy's rockets were a bit bangy but all in all not quite as bad as I expected.
    You ought to try Toast....Nigel Slater's book about his childhood....absolutely hilarious. I passed in on to Roz who settled down on the sofa and read it in a few hours. She loved it too.
    We are off into town today but I don't intend spending anything as we are going to Derby on the market if there are any stalls left....another one shut down on New Year's Eve.
    Now I am off to bed...not so much tired as cold so I'll grab me hottie and fluffy socks and go and read for a bit.
    Have a lovely day out.

  3. Phew - that's quite an entry!!! No wonder you were tired. I do roasties and parsnips like that too. So very simple and convenient. I also have a bag of SW chips ready for use!
    Happy New Year to you.
    J x

  4. Thank you for another entertaining post, love the Freddie calendar he reminds me of Spaniels in my life, all ears and bounce. Now I really need to go and look for the book called Caroline. I do that roast veg thing and Yorkshire puddings, I can have a roast on the table from my combi oven with no work at all.

  5. Well you did better than me! I'd planned to blog yesterday, but it didn't happen. As for the fireworks, you hit the nail on the head with your comment... they went off continually from 11.30 pm here until 12.30 am. I don't think people can tell the time around here either. They were as you say bomb proportions, made the the whole house shake, the poor dogs! Can you imagine if we marched up and down the road at some ungodly hour of the morning banging a dustbin lid or a big bass drum? We'd get arrested for disturbing the peace, and yet it seems okay for all and sundry to let off these fireworks (and not just once a year, but on numerous occasions!

    I need to go to Hobbycraft today as well.

    Enjoy the rest of your time off.

    Thanks for showing your Santas! Loved how you set them up symmetrically...that really appeals to my sense of 'order' not that there is ever much of that round here! ;)

  6. Happy new year to you and your family.

  7. Love your decorations and the calendars. I put away all ours yesterday and DH wielded “his” new cordless Dyson. All the best for 2018 and the new term. Catriona x

    1. The cordless stain at our house secretly belongs to the HG. He goes mad if someone uses it and doesn’t empty it!!!

  8. It's always so dull once the decs are packed away. We had a meal I (curry)at my sisters house, got to bed at 1.30, yesterday was a quiet day. I am itching to get sewing again.

  9. Ahhh nice to read that you are in fine fettle m'dear....I should be boxing up household thingies in anticipation of moving higher into the Welsh hills but thought I would have a brew and a blog catch up for a minute ...err...make that an hour..

  10. I love your calendars and the Santa Russian Dolls are adorable. I once shortened a pair of Mark's trousers by hand. Got one leg spot on but the other was about 3 inches shorter. There was nothing I could do, I'd been a bit gung ho with the scissors (early 20's, I've since learnt to measure twice, cut once!). He had to go back to stores the day after and order another pair lol. xx


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