Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Post 2 of 2018

Again, I'm pushing midnight! Hopefully you noticed the rest of my post yesterday in the comments! Slightly cheeky! We got up and out early, returning home with quite the haul mid afternoon.
Lots of gorgeous bargainous half price or less Christmas paraphanalia, cards, wrapping and tags. Resources to make the wreath I want to. Not pictured, but new rainproof bird feeders - I'm fed up of having to throw away manky seed stuck in the bottom due to the weather. Speaking of the weather, it's blowing a hoolie down the chimney. Brrrrr.
Also some new storage boxes, some bits n bobs for crafting and sewing. Also some fabric from a brilliant little shop in Longridge. I plan on making something to wear. Just have to pick a pattern and get measuring!
Had a lovely day out. Now to add the photos and sleep!

Day two of this year, done.

Lots of love from
Rachel *spent all her Christmas money* Radiostar xxx


  1. What a splendid haul!
    J x

  2. I wish I had gone to Hobbycraft on the way back from Derby today.

  3. Most of my expensive decorations were purchased in the January sales, full price is so over rated.

  4. Wow, now that was an impressive haul.

  5. That's a lot of bargainous stuff you found. Most of Christmas had disappeared in our shopping centre by the time I made a post holiday appearance on 28th December! xx


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