Sunday, 28 January 2018

Books cooked for another year!

This was what faced me yesterday. (I shamelessly nicked this off The Twitter as I couldn’t put it better myself!  )

“Welcome to HRMC online.

Please enter you login

Now enter your Gateway ID

Password please

Now User ID

Government ID please

Enter a code we've texted your old number

There's a scroll in your garden. Find it.

Latin name for fox

Your name in Sanskrit

176th digit of Pi

We couldn't identify you.

Your first girlfriend's mother's maiden name

Capital of Belarus

King Arthur's burial coordinates

Last three letters of your father in law's number plate

Your inner-most fear


Your provisional driving license expiry date “

Then, when, you are in, and you’ve not clicked anything for 3 nanoseconds because you are trying to decipher the questions,  you are logged back out for security reasons and have to GO THROUGH IT ALL AGAIN!! 

I’m absolutely certain that most tax evasion in the UK is by people who lose the will to live in trying to get onto their online account and give up!! 

Anyway, it’s done. I’ve repeated all my vows to the dining room wall about how I’m going to do the accounts every month. Both me and the wall know I’m lying! 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *top accountant* Radiostar xx


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha . . .
    Frustrating, innit?
    J x

    1. Actually, it's pretty straightforward! I'm definitely a woman who doth protesteth too much xx

  2. That made me smile...such a relief I no longer have to go through it.

    1. I do love to have something to moan about! I'd be bereft without my yearly tax return 'hell'!!!

  3. Yeah, it's a bit of a pain as I'm not a big mobile user and have to make sure it's with me for the code. However, what really gets up my goat is being asked for a 2nd backup number every time I try to log in, well sorry HMRC, I have no intention of getting a second mobile, my spare cash goes into your account!!!

    Anyway, it's done and dusted and paid up!

  4. Ha! Well done for getting through it intact!

  5. Oh Rachel you do make me laugh.
    I hate filling anything online. It's just too frustrating.

  6. Still need to sign our tax return for accountant to press click! x

  7. I have the same conversation with the wall every year. Usually, I get six months of the new one done as I'm inputting the old and then forget about it! xx


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