Sunday 31 December 2017

Drawer 3

Two posts in one day!! Firstly I will apologise now for all the grammatical errors. I’m typing this on my iPhone and with photos in its very tricky to do it properly. The screen jumps all over the shop and I can’t get the cursor where I want it easily. There’s autotyping going on with the phone plus random capital letters and missed apostrophes. I think I’m going to
Look for a cheap laptop just for blogging. I bloody well wish that google would just bring back the blogger app. Life was so simple then!! 

I didn’t want my first blog post of 2018 to be all about me drawers! Here’s the before n after drawer 3 photo! It was pretty much full of the same type of crap as drawer 2. So once it was sorted,I went back to drawer 2 and retrieved some items. So now, if you want cutlery it’s drawer one. If you want envelopes and assorted shite it’s the middle drawer. If it’s batteries, lightbulbs keys and pens it’s drawer 3! Also available for looking at are a scout badge from 2007 - it’s Miss 23’s so I cannot throw it away! A bike computer needing one of the new batteries lain underneath, a Whitby lucky duck, thete’s Three more somewhere, a load of Robinson’s marmalade golliwog badges collected years ago plus some little tokens for them off jars. You can see the mint green handlesd baby scissors used to cut Miss 23’s and Mr 20’s little nails all those years ago! The rubbers are from a trip to Eureka in Halifax many moons ago! The map is our English Heritage one with all our castles and places we’ve been to marked off. 
A lovely bloggy friend told me I needed her fancy book from Japan to keep your drawers in order! I’m politely declining thanks! As well as sorting me drawers, I’ve had a lovely wander down memory lane with my rose tinted glasses on! Sure there’s stuff in here I don’t need but it’s not harming anyone and it has a home! I’m lucky I have the space to fulfil my hoardy little habits!! 

I was like this as a child. I had a huge Old battered suitcase under my bed full of treasures and it would exasperate my mother that I’d be tidying my room for 12 weeks sold! I was! I was taking things out, stroking it and putting it back tidily!! My room was like the painting of the Forth Bridge. 

I have many Christmas tree ornaments dotted about and I love my mantle candelabra. 

 New Years Eve 2017 sees me painting my nails with my new Ted Baker nail varnish in front of a lovely roaring fire. The eagle eyed among you may spot the salt and pepper milk on the wood pile. We’ve had those solid beech items for twenty years. I’ve still got the receipt! £19.99 from Boots and they have a lifetime guarantee!  But we have newer ones, these don’t grind anymore so we are going to burn them!proof we can and do get rid! Though I’m not sure how I’d go about claiming the lifetime guarantee - there’s time yet....they are not on the fire yet....they might get rescued!!! 

I’ve also indulged in a little knitting and I wanted to show you my new craft room chair! It’s blue velvet and so comfy! I’ve been making do with a dining chair up til now and have been looking for aaaaages. Spotted this. Half price. Mine! 

Right, am off to enjoy a film with the HG. We sang a long toGrease t’other Night! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *drawers in order* Radiostsrxcc


  1. Your living room looks so cosy. Mine currently looks like a s***hole......the dog has been at the carrots again. I have hoovered once and I ain't doing it again at this time of night.
    Loving your chair and you can't beat half price.
    Have a lovely night.

    1. It was a perfect night. I do love my cosy living room and already am lamenting the loss of the twinkly lights in a few short days time! My chair is truly beautiful!

  2. I've seen worse!!!
    I love your candle holder too - it's beautiful.
    J x

    1. Got it years ago Joy, dirt cheap. I've added the bumphf at the bottom myself!

  3. Oh my! That chair is gorgeous. I bet you keep stroking it. Happy New Year. X

  4. Lovely, cosy home and your drawers full of memories to cherish. May you add lots of new happies to treasure during 2018! Abeth xx

  5. Your drawers are like the tardis! I love your refreshing approach...I did a blitz the other week and now regretting my rather rash shredding activities as I realised afterwards I had shredded something that we were supposed to be keeping!

    It looks all so cosy. I would love to have a proper and real fire place!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year to you and yours. Christmas being put away in this house today and a good clean through will/ may follow. Catriona

  7. Happy New Year! I'm very impressed with your tidy drawers and your new chair looks very swish. According to the Daily Fail and a Japanese Buddhist monk called Shoukei Matsumoto, de-cluttering is out and actual proper cleaning is in vogue this year. Thank goodness I've never followed trends! xx

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  9. After clearing out my dad's house I started on mine after reading that book from Japan (it's ruthless and takes no prisoners). I got rid od loads of stuff and some more, but our house didn't look any different so will have to have another go it.
    Your fire place looks lovely and you new chair so comfy


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