Saturday 12 November 2016

Pork chops disaster

You know the phrase ' no point  crying over spilt milk' well I'm changing it to pork chops. Not that they are spilt. But that they are Out. Of. Date.
With the HG being home and ravenous I'd stocked up on shopping when I had the chance to go with a friend. I bought some lovely looking outdoor reared French trimmed pork chops and put them in the fridge. But because my fridge was full of probiotic yogurt and yoghurt drink things ( see other blog ) the pork chops went in a drawer. Delicious and varied meals have been made by me EXCEPT I FORGOT TOTALLY ABOUT MY FRENCH TRIMMED OUTDOOR REARED CHOPS and they were out of date by five days!! At first I was so GRRRRRR about this waste. But then, decided in the grand scheme of things, it's really not worth crying over chops at £4. It wasn't worth the risk of food poisoning either. So in the bin they went. Not that it stopped me developing the same symptoms as food poisoning.

Yesterday was a Big Day. I woke at 5ish after no sleep ( mind you I'm blogging here at twenty to two in the morning after falling asleep at just 11pm ) feeling a bit 'off it' . I think my hysterical throat had come back and the pizza I'd scoffed as a late tea had lain heavy. So stress, late ( lovely ) pizza and the fact five members of staff had been off with a tummy bug meant I was bathroom bound for the foreseeable. Except I couldn't be. Me and the HG had to get to a 9.45am appointment.
I took deep breaths, I also took alka seltzer - which ALWAYS settles my stomach, deflatine  for the wind too n bottom and two Imodium to keep things in place let's say. My sister took us to the hospital and we waited in the waiting room. I know I should have probably stayed away but there was no way on earth I was missing this consultation.  I got hotter and hotter. My tummy was gurgling and churning. Eventually we were called in. The doctor looked at me a couple of times, I'm wondering now if he thought 'she's going to barf all over my desk any second'. I think I was getting a bit squirmy. Even The. Best. News. In the. World. didn't stop my tummy ache. Anyway the minute we got out I ran to the loo to be sick. It was non productive. I composed myself and we got in the car n came straight home. Thanked my sister, fussed Freddie. 'Ran' to the bathroom and spent a good old length of time in there let's say. Then I took to my bed. Took more painkillers and sips of iced water. I was raging, albeit weakly. We'd had the best news ever and I was feeling wretched. I think it was probably more nerves and stress than the school bug because even though I date the risk or want anything to eat I felt better once I was fully empty. People at school had the illness for days. I stayed in bed. Updated friends and family on the Good News, watched a bit of telly, read a bit and slept a bit.
During this time the HG was downstairs. He was,therefore, in charge of Freddie. Freddie had had a whale of a time. I know this because the HG came upstairs and told me that my rug had big bald bits in it now!! Freddie had had a jolly old time pulling all the tufted bits out at two sides of the rug. We have a big through lounge dining room. Freddie's cage is in the dining room on this rug. Normally he plays with his toys in the lounge where the HG chair is. The cage is also behind the HG chair. The HG  said Freddie had taken some of his toys in the dining room and was playing. Ohhhh no, Freddie had used his toys in a bid to distract from his new game of 'Let's pull the tufts out of Nanna's rug'.
The HG had thought, he's quiet, but obviously at the minute moving is tricksy, so didn't discover the game until a large bit of the rug had been stripped!!! Freddie was thoroughly told off and slunk away, head down, tufts of rug sticking out of his mouth!!! The little git!
Couldn't stay cross at him forever! I think the rug can be fixed. The HG struggled to picked up the tufts off the floor and put them up high. So tomorrow I'll have a go at rug repairs tomorrow. If it looks a mess I'll have a go at trimming it. If it unravels I'll get rid of it. There's no point crying over puppy ruined rugs either. It's a lovely rug that I got in the Next sale for £40. There'll be others.
I feel like I've been holding my breath for two and a half months and I'm certainly not going to let a few tufts of wool tip me over the edge! Naughty Freddie!
His Mum n Dad came back last night. Miss 22 offered to buy me a new rug but I told her I don't want her to.
Here is the naughty boy! 
On the rug he hasn't chewed. He was five months old yesterday.  He's staying til Sunday morning and  I'm going to miss my little shadow. Nose pressed to back of my legs where ever I go in the kitchen. Sat at my feet when I wash up. I'm glad I feel better because I missed him yesterday! 
To solve the photo thing I'm having to put the photos I want onto my google plus profile so apologies if you've seen them twice now.  
Although I can only see this one of Freddie to add and I know there's at least 20 others I posted. I think I will have to look at getting my laptop sorted. The charging point has had it n will only stay on if the wire is held 'just so' and it holds no battery. Bloody Blogger should not have withdrawn its App. 

Right I think I'm going to publish this and try to get comfy n nod off. The HG is awake too now. He's sweating. I think he's going to need more antibiotics. 

Lots of love from 
Rachel *relieved* Radiostar xxx 


  1. Poor love, that bug sounds really horrible! Stay warm, stay cosy and get well quickly.
    And bad boy, Freddie (bless him).
    J xxx

    1. Bad Freddy indeed! But I love him so much he was instantly forgiven!

  2. Hope you nodded off in the end and slept well
    What a butter-wouldn't-melt photo of pup!!
    Pork chops and rugs - minor blips in the whole great scheme of things

    1. Indeed. Life is way to precious to fret about such things

  3. sad about the pork chops (been there, done that), amused about Freddie & his love of the rug, and am so , so , SO bloody happy for your Good News! So Happy. Now you can all breathe again.

  4. Time to look after yourself, hunker down and take it easy! Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Stress can do terrible things to our bodies, so glad life is on the up in your household.

  6. In the grand scheme of things a couple of pork chops and a rug is no great shakes is it? And there's no way you can stay angry at that furry little face. I'm thrilled for you with yesterday's news and hope you're feeling better and well rested today. X

  7. Fantastic news about HG bet you both feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders. Pork chops, tuft bare rugs, tummy upsets and even possibly the need for more antibiotics pale into insignificance don't they. Hope you're both feeling better soon. xx

  8. We often say we can never have nice things because of the cats. Lets just say they've done their damage over the years and there are scars to prove it. Glad to hear of the good news. Hope you are feeling better and well rested soon. Ranee (MN) USA

  9. I have done the letting stuff go out of date thing more times than I should really admit to....bad Mrs Tea
    Hope you are starting to feel better now.


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