Friday 11 November 2016

Almost there

I'm almost there with the show n tell. Just not 100% finished.
We've been looking after Tigger from Winnie the Pooh disguised as a stocky little Springer pup who is 5 months old today. He is as good as gold mostly. If he can, he'll nick your slippers. If he can, he'll bring his sucky toy up on the couch. If he can, he'll put everything in the garden in his mouth! It's worse than having a toddler. He moves a lot faster than a toddler! He has these mad half hours where he tears up and down chasing a rubber pig. He's so fast! It makes me laugh and laugh so much. He's like a thing possessed when he does it!
I've been whistle training him and it's not taken long at all. He'll hurtle towards you after a few pips and then sits at your feet. He LOVES doing tricks and learning. But nowhere near am I as good a trainer as some of the people on you tube if you search for 'five month old springer . I've had to put him in Time Out a few times. When I come in from work, he's so wiggly and excited but then he's jumped and mouthed a few times. So Time out for Freddie is just to close a door on him and say Time Out. He hates it. He's young enough to want to be with us all the time still. After ten seconds I open the door and say be calm. First time it took four time outs. Now it's one. Yesterday when I got in all his wiggling n wagging was floor level with no jumping n mouthing so hooray! Too funny for the HG is when a little puppy clambers up on my knee n puts his bum in my face n settles. I don't think Freddie knows how much he has grown!
It's been a great distraction. Work has been busy since we went back on Monday and even though it's a seven week term we are rapidly running of time to do things!

Oh and I've discovered why my app doesn't work, blogger and google decided not enough people use it and so have taken it down. A very unpopular move because it was so easy to use. A lot of schools used it for the children to blog from too. So I'll have to figure out the best way to get any photos on here, as Blogger open on Safari on an iPhone or iPad is a bit pants.

Miss 22 and her young man are flying back from their holiday in the Canary Islands today and are staying until Sunday. So they can resume full responsibility for picking up the poop! Freddie's  fed a certain amount of puppy dried food a day and a few treats when training.  How that translates into the amount of poo he produces is mind boggling. Although the cold n frosty morning was great! Easiest poop scoop ever!! It'll be fab to see them both too of course.

Me n the HG have a very important appointment this morning.

So I'm off to look at blogs as a distraction before I get up and let the puppy out for his morning rampage around the garden!

Lots of love from
Rachel *doesn't know what she'll do when Freddie goes home* Radiostar xxx


  1. Freddie sounds absolutely gorgeous.

    I'm not sure I understand why photos don't work - what are you doping? I save my photos on my hard drive and can pop them into my blog using the tab at the top. Or don't you use a laptop or pC?

    J x

    1. No Joy, I use my iPhone or my iPad. And whilst the dashboard looks the same as on a pic or laptop, it doesn't let me access all my photos. No idea why! Very annoying.

  2. Hoping all goes well with the appointment Rachel. I'll be thinking of you both. If you get a bit lost when Freddie goes home just say the word and you can always borrow Lily. Not too dissimilar in so many ways, needs daily walks and any extra training you could manage would be great. 😊 X

  3. So lovely to read about the fun you have been having with Freddie and I know what you mean about the food/poop ratio.....anyone would think we have an elephant for a
    Thinking of you and HG this morning with everything crossed for good news.

    1. Think the power of Blogger worked its magic! X

  4. *doesn't know what she'll do when Freddie goes home* relax? breathe a sigh of relief? get ready for his next visit?

    hope you can get your bloggy app sorted out, it's a known problem that Blogger and iOS do not play well nicely. I can read & leave comments on the iPad but forget trying to write a post and add pictures . . .

    1. It's just soooo annoying that they took down the app.

  5. I think your a big tease with your show and tell !!

  6. I was going to resurrect an old blogger blog I have to do travel posts on my iPad but gave up when I discovered there would be no photos. No app to download either ;(. Surely there is a demand for one. So it looks like I will have to stick with my Wordpress blog.

    I did wonder if you could download from a photobucket account - would be a pain though. Having to add to p/bucket then pick up from there for the blog rather than directly from camera roll


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