Wednesday 30 November 2016

How do you eat yours?

Malteasers - pop a whole one in, carefully chisel the chocolate off the outside, silently smug if you get it off in arcs! Then suck the honeycomb ball till it sticks to the roof of the mouth.

Yoghurts - Peel the lid away from you, to avoid being splattered and then lick it clean, blatantly ignoring any scaremongering of your parents warning you of the dangers of cutting your tongue, look on in horror if someone in your family uses a spoon to scrape the lid. Next is either use your tongue or finger to get the thick ridge of yoghurt around the rim of the pot. Eat the rest with a teaspoon. ( I am civilised you know )

Crisps - only if they are light in colour will they be eaten. Large ones, are held up and admired, then licked clean of all flavour before being crunched!

Fry's Turkish Delight - remove and eat all chocolate with teeth. These are excellent for this. Good thick chocolate! Eat squidgy pink stuff last.

Sunday Dinner - Always leave the Yorkshire till last to mop up any gravy. Look on aghast at your son ( remember he doesn't *do* gravy )  who eats them FIRST?!! What is this monster you raised?

Kitkats - chisel off the chocolate with teeth from all the top and sides ( you sensing a theme? ) but never the bottom. Then, disect , lengthways each layer of wafer and fondant. I just lolled at myself then, imagining being described in a David Attenborough documentary about the skills and dexterity I'm using to extract the goodness from the kit Kat.

Crunchies - one of my favourite chocolate bars - chisel and lift off slabs of chocolate off the top and sides. Not the bottom. It's generally too thin. Then suck a piece of honeycomb till it melts.

~~ I'm actually trying to think of a chocolate bar I DON'T chisel the chocolate off first, but am struggling!~~

Chips - must be barely brown and only just cooked. Causes no end of arguments in this house. The HG complains if the chips are anaemic. I hate dark chips. They are burnt to me.

Toast - the same as crisps and chips - barely brown! The HG calls it warmed bread. We have 'toaster control wars' in our house. I like it just done with butter and loads of jam. He likes it well browned with a scraping of butter and jam. What is wrong with him?!

Pasta - I actually like it if it's slightly over cooked. I don't like it al dente! Would you be surprised if I told you the HG likes his just done? I have to dish up tea in our house with military precision.

Soup served with bread - I never ever ever ever have buttered my bread to have with soup. He does.
Bacon butties - I never ever ever butter my bread for a bacon butty. He does. It's how we've been brought up differently!

What about you n yours?

Lots of love from

Rachel *hope I didn't gross you out too much* Radiostar xxx


  1. Ha!Ha! This is exactly time type of conversation that takes place on a weekly basis at the charity shop!

    1. I confess I dreamt it up whilst partaking of the HG's malteasers at the weekend!

  2. Ooooh - love this. I feel another blog entry coming on.
    J x

  3. I am with you on the yogurt, on the odd occasion that have a crunchie bar I like the blend of chocolate and honeycomb. I like my chips brownish and crisp round the edges, I use one of those machines that cook in a tsp of oil so timing is all. Oh and I am with your son, no gravy on my roast I like my yorkies and roasties crisp.

    1. I have one if those Pam and I take mine out early! More gravy for me!

  4. Lol Rachel this is so funny.

    Maltesers.....pop one in and suck it to death.

    Yoghurts.....I hate yoghurt.

    Crisps.....Don't like crisps either.

    Fry's Turkish Delight.....I just bite and chew.

    Sunday Dinner.....I save the roast potatoes until last and squidge them into the small amount of gravy I do have.

    Kit Kats....Don't like them.

    Crunchies....Can take them or leave them but bite and chew if I di have one.

    Chips.....barely brown for me.

    Toast.....barely brown and cold. Butter must be added after the toast has gone cold. Jam occasionally.

    Pasta....not overcooked but not too al dente either.

    Soup.....Heinz tomato...absolutely no butter but with my homemade soups I do like butter.
    Bacon sarnies definitely with butter to stop the ketchup soaking into the bread which is disgusting.

    Best bar for chomping the choccie off first is a Bounty......and you get two......bliss.


    1. Op yes my soul in also tinned Heinz tomato. I love a cold piece of toast too but yes, cold before butter applied. I do like the chocolate on a Bounty, you are right, the best chocolate but it's the gift that keeps on giving, blooming coconut in your teef forever!

  5. Oh, this is too funny. I also am a remover of chocolate. (But you'll never catch me eating a Turkish Delight - there's that texture thing again- like jello that was left on the counter for three days). I'm sorry to say that I do not lick the yogurt foil lid. Sometimes I use a spoon. For a big meal, like supper, I eat a bit from each pile of food so that I have equal amounts at all times. The issue is what is the final bite that I end with? -Jenn

    1. Now that's clever thinking with the meal. I like to end on a delicious marcel!

  6. This post could have been written by me :-) xxx

  7. My wife, licks, nibbles, slowly savours and takes an age to consume chocolate in all it's forms. Me? Malteasers 5 at a time - gone in seconds. Passing Quality Street around - 3 for everyone to see and stealth of hand for another 2 at the same time without anyone noticing. (Screw the wrappers tight to conceal the truth). Kitkat - a couple of bites but too much air to be satisfying so at least a four finger one. I like chocolate to fill the mouth. Making the gaps between the triangles of a Tolberone twice as wide (as reported on the BBC) is a mean trick. Crisps I don't trouble with.

    1. The HG eats malteasers like you! Your reply had me chuckling!

  8. This is fun I have answered your questions in a post and linked back, I hope others join in too. :) x

  9. Bacon butties have to be toasted white bread no butter. Every thing else I agree with you or see your point of view.
    Jaffa cakes, eat 'cake' bottom, suck chocolate off top, enjoy the orange middle.

    1. I eat Jaffa cakes like you do! But I'm generally a full packet girl!!

  10. Love this post. You're a bit of a chiseller aren't you. I love barely cooked toast as well. xx

    1. I like to think I'm pretty talented at it LG!!

  11. Maltesers, pop in mouth, bite then press to roof of mouth while the middle dissolves. Yoghurts - lick the lid. I have been known to eat them with my finger at work in a no spoon emergency. Can't believe I've just admitted that. Crunchies. Big bite then press to roof of mouth again. Yorkshire Puds - one at the beginning and one at the end. Chips medium brown. Toast, light brown. Pasta, al dente. Soup - definitely no butter! Bacon buttie - bread buttered but then smothered with brown sauce.

    Thought I'd add vegetables to the list. I chop most of mine up to within an inch of their lives especially sprouts, cabbage, cauli. Mum and Dad went out for a meal when we lived down south and they were served full cabbage leaves. Cooked obviously :) xx

    1. I lolled at your yogurt/finger desperate times confession! The comments have had me howling today!
      I tear my cabbage! Or roll up the leaves and slice it vair thinly.

  12. Ditto yogurt and chocolate bars but I don't like anemic chips and toast and crumpets have to be well done and buttered cold.

  13. Being American I had to look up half of these to see what they were haha. I could never imagine putting ketchup on a bacon sandwich, mayonnaise all the way.

  14. I grab a handful of maltesers, shove in my mouth and straight to crunch. Usually almost choking because I'm so greedy.
    Butter, yuk. I can't eat it in solid form, never have it on sandwiches, can't even eat buttercream on cakes. The only way I have it is melted, on sweetcorn or on ... and you'll like this ... toast so burnt the smoke alarm is set off! I'm one classy lady too, let me tell you! x

  15. Ha! Just love the intimacy of this....dare I?

    Amanda xx

  16. OK here I go....

    Malteasers - Yes pop a whole one in mouth at a time never more than one, suck at the chocolate carefully and not aggressively so lasts as long as possible,suck honeycomb ball till it dissolves to mini size and quickly crunch between teeth. A moment of appreciation and then on to the next one!!!

    Yoghurts - Wipe off excess yogurt from lid with finger and shove in mouth (waste nowt!) Rest goes in cereal bowl to be eaten nicely!

    Crisps - only plain ones all sizes are fine. I get extremely irritated if the crisps are rancid and usually will throw the whole bag away. I like crisp butties with vinegar!

    Fry's Turkish Delight - a bite of TD and a bite of chocolate off the side and eat both together. I don't like Turkish Delight on its own..too gooey!

    Sunday Dinner - I eat Yorkshire Pud Macdonald style... A pud, slice of beef on top, bit of roast spud and lots of gravy over it then cutting it in half (not easy) to eat politely as possible as all gravy dribbles down

    Kitkats - chunk eating! I like to hear the kitekat snap as I bite off a chunk and grind the piece between my teeth. I hate warm kitekats.

    Crunchies - Sorry never liked Crunchies! Munchies are something else. I suspend the Munchie between front teeth and bite down on it hard..I then get the full impact of the caramel dribbling on to the tongue...yum!

    Chips - Golden homemade chips are the best..firm and not mushy inside with lots of vinegar!

    Toast: mid brown hot toast yes! Loads of butter no jam and dunk in tea.

    Pasta - al dente for me mainly hot but nice cold too in salads

    Soup served with bread...I tear up my bread to mix in with the soup but no butter for me.

    Bacon Butties : The works with butter on the bread and fried egg on top. No HP sauce only Tomatoe Ketchup. I eat it ice-cream style after puncturing the egg yolk!

    :-) Amanda xx

  17. I tend to suck the chocolate off Maltesers, very carefully so as not to let the middle melt then I crunch the honeycomb. Same with Crunchie, suck the chocolate off a piece of it and then crunch the honeycomb. Kitkats, I don;t eat, not keen on wafer. I'm with HG, my toast, chips etc have to be really browned. My mum would always complain about the burnt smell when I made toast because I like it so well done. And I make my own yogurt these days but if eating shop bought I also lick the lids clean. I love thick crunchy crisps, preferably ridged ones like McCoys or Walkers baked, and I just crunch into them, but I agree the big ones are best. I don't like butter or spread on my bacon butties, just the bacon and a little brown sauce, and I prefer my egg seperately.

  18. I try to make every candy bar a bite-sized candy bar ;)

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas :)

  19. Are you OK?....missing your posts.


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