Monday, 22 September 2014

Dear Becky,

First of all, you seem, ON THE OUTSIDE, to be a far far braver mama than I. 

You quite calmly write how your firstborn is off to start his exciting independant life

Having read your blog for yonks ( I know, I said yonks... It's my blog! ) I feel like I've watched him grow into this fine young man ready for anything. ( Not in a stalker way mind. )
I TOTALLY blame the parents. You did a brilliant job.

 I blogged when my firstborn went two years ago. The tears. The tantrums. The histrionics. All mine of course! 
She went back for her third year on the train. All by herself! 

Last night I spent an age and a second mortgage getting train tickets for me n the second born to look round the London School of Finance for his chosen Uni next year. 

If he passes his exams ( he'd better! ) I'll seriously need counselling when he goes!! 

Is it bad then that me and the HG are kinda hoping she stays on at Uni/gets awesome job with mansion included/  instead of coming home next September? That clever almost three year age gap planned second pregnancy actually wasn't that clever at all. To all new prospective parents. Aim for two years max. That way you will be guaranteed a teenage free house for at least the majority of one year!!! 

Of course you will all know I'm joking. I'm dreading the time they finally do flee the nest. 

So Becky, I have a word of warning to your youngest....please be warned that you will be massively over mothered in the next few weeks. You will be cosseted, baked for, loved more! Nows the time to ask for something! 

Love from 
Rachel *been there* Radiostar x 


  1. Hi Rachel, remember me, I haven't read posts for a while, life has been crazy busy. I at this point have a almost completely empty nest. The youngest writes her high school final exams in a week and a half. Hope she passes. She is going to Paragauy for a year. My eldest is China teaching English and my middly lives in a city 6 hours drive from where I live and teaches children to swim. The best way to deal with almost empty nest syndrome is to find a hobby. The husband and I mountain bike cycle now and I love it and it distracts me from the "I want to lock my children in a cellar and keep them there" feeling.

  2. I had no qualms about my three leaving home. All three took gap years, saw the world, lived a bit, then returned wiser and happier to return to university life etc. They are all now gainfully employed, all three are married with children, and (I think) we are all contented. I should add that when they occasionally return to see us, it's WONDERFUL.


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