Friday, 10 October 2014

Second try at posting

Second week in October already.

Someone on the internets told me there's only 11 Saturdays until Christmas. My ma in law is already writing her cards! When you've got a 20 and a 17 year old it's not as easy to shop for as when you have littlies.  We used to pick stuff up in the sales all year round and stash it away. I fear if I did that these days, I'd forget where things were stashed! This year we generally have no idea what to get them, so I think we will get them nowt!!! ( Yeah, right. ) We will ask them for a wish list - cue an 8 page email from the one at uni with links to a billion frock websites and a request for a £30 lipstick. The boy produced a list of computer parts last year as he wanted to build his own. It was all gobbledygook to me.

Cake has featured heavily in my life lately. We have been having weekly cake sales at work to try and raise funds to reduce the cost of trips etc. Each class, each week is in charge of providing the cakeage.   I nearly slipped into a diabetic coma from the sugar fumes in the classroom last week! Our class made a whopping £170 ish. I made mini toffee muffins and some mini chocolate coated baked doughnuts. This week I made ginger butterflies and little buns with cream cheesey icing. I'm all caked out!!

It's rained a lot too. The weather turned from flip flops to wellies strength overnight. This displeases me. Also. The. Dark. Mornings.
After the discovery of an OMG Dead Spider  in our bed yesterday, it was stripped, hoovered ( yeah yeah a little after the event ) and the semi skimmed 10.5 tog quilt went on. I stifled a sob as I put away the 4.5 tog quilt for a few weeks .... I love it in December when I join them together to make an unctuous full fat 15tog! Also, it's fluffy sheets season! Cosy! 

On Wednesday I roasted a pork fillet for tea that I did with buttery mash, carrots, sprouts ( yay ) peas & gravy. O and these bad boys....

I know, yorkshires on a Wednesday! KUHRAAAAYYYYYZEEEEE! 
The boy asked me if I'd done roast potatoes. I replied 
ROAST POTATOES???? ON A WEDNESDAY???? Are you for real???!!!! 

Um, I can't remember what else I was going to blog about. Wait oh yeah, I WAS due to be on strike next Tuesday, but it was cancelled last night. This also displeased me. I'd made extensive lunch plans involving the pub!

Right, time to get up n get at em, or at least pretend to!

Rachel * mourning for her flip flops Radiostar xx

Ps, I tried to post this this morning but something went wrong and it didn't work grrrr

Fingers crossed. 


  1. I don't like doughnuts but they look amazing. The guides are having a cake stall after church parade in a couple of weeks so I will be doing some cake baking. A tray bake and some chocolate scones.

  2. I went into a diabetic coma just looking at the cakes. I am baking today because it's raining :o)

    And having a spider die in your bed is just plain rude. Do you think you rolled on to it?

    1. I am trying hard not to think about it actually!!!


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