Saturday, 13 September 2014

Relatively pain free.

My first full week back at work that is. I'm in a new year group with a new teacher, in a new classroom. And with a fantastic set of kids. The posh word is cohort. And I started a sentence with and! Heinous crimes.

I had an opportunity to work with a small group of boys and I posed the question to them all.
How are you feeling about being in Yn ?
One commented that he felt a lot more grown up. Another spoke of the fact the work was easier and that made him happy. The new behaviour management system was mentioned by a couple to be a positive thing. The next boy replied
" I feel like I've been transported from the alien planet of paradise."

I fixed him with my best ' oh really???' Look and said
" Now can I have your reality answer?"

He turned to me, and with a confused expression replied,

"Nah! that is my real answer."

Indeed folks, it actually was.

He takes me back to the days of Eyebrows Boy. Remember him? I wrote about him long ago in this blog.
He was the one who told me earnestly that he could infact create static electricity with his eyebrows!

I love my job!

What's the best part of your job?

Rachel *Glad it's the weekend* Radiostar!

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  1. You started a sentence with And twice!! LOVE the story about eyebrows boy. Our kids came out with some crackers when they were younger. F's best had to be 'I've been to the owl conservancy and digested (dissected) an owl pellet' or even 'it's my new year revelation (resolution).' J once assured me she was so hungry she could eat her fingers, while L was certain a UFO was a German! Still makes me smile.....


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