Monday 1 September 2014

Forests, Hot tubs and Glow worms

( Arty farty tree shot on one of the forest walks ) 
Hello folks, how are you all?

I'm soooooooo relaxed and chilled after we came back from our holiday yesterday.  We spent a magical week away from civilisation, wifi, mobile signal and stress. I have just written my very first trip advisor essay on it!

Now as you know, Wales is always my Holiday destination of choice, however this year we ventured to the Far East to the glorious North Yorkshire Moors.

~ Pause for a mini rant to all those people who say " You could've/should've gone abroad for that...... Etc " my answer is always always I DO NOT WANT TO GO ABROAD.  ~ mini rant over ~

 Anyway here is my review Trip Advisor - please ignore the two mistakes; we didn't have an ensure bathroom - it was of course ensuite! Also I wrote ' I fact not 'in fact'. I'm sure there's a way I can get back in to edit but I've not figured it out yet! My first trip adviser review!

I'm not going to repeat it all but say we had a fabulous time. The weather was kind and we are now suffering from dreadful Hot Tub Withdrawal symptoms.

I will share a few photos though. Of course I've been exploring the ruins! You know what I'm like for Castles and the like! This time, thanks to my fascination with the box set of the Tudors that I've been working my way through during the big holidays ( time very well spent!! ) l targeted a few Abbeys that King Henry Viii brought down!  ( I'm down to the last four episodes now and I'm getting a bit panicky and bereft! )

Anyway here you are...
View from the car on the way there.

Henry Tudor broke this Abbey.

View from the top of Scarborough
Scarborough Castle
Spongebob Strawpants.
 The not very intellectual game of scrabble me v the boy. I beat him, even after allowing him the dodgy 'biles' !
Glorious Whitby Abbey
Who needs to go abroad? 
Best part of the holiday.
Magical Forest Walk
More ruined castle moments. The moment wasn't ruined. The castle was! 
Atmospheric journey home. 

There you go, a few snapshots. 
Things I saw in the wild included REAL glow worms, a Jay, Roedeer, a mole, birds of prey, hares, rabbits, and lots of birds I don't see everyday like woodpeckers. 

Where have you been this summer?  

Love from 
Rachel *Holidayblissface* Radiostar xx


  1. So glad you enjoyed yourselves. We went on a Shearings coach holiday to Scarborough about 18 months ago and had a day trip to Whitby. It was lovely even though it was February with flurries of snow in the air. Like you we are happy to holiday within the British Isles, but I refuse to pay some of the prices and wait for last minute deals. Our trip to Scotland for a week included coach travel, half board at the hotels and daytrips all for about £240 each. Full price was double that. Hope all goes well for your return to work this week. DH's new school started back last Tuesday.

  2. It would appear madame that you have had yourselves a very well deserved and enjoyable break. For myself I'm heading for Cornwall end of September with Pea and of coarse Bear. I shall of coarse report in due coarse but its not Wales is it?

  3. I feel relaxed just looking at your photos

  4. I'm a bit like that with Wales too, but I love Whitby. Must take my son there - I haven't been since just before I got pregnant with him.

  5. I lived in North Yorkshire for four years, and you've inspired me to book a break back there again, to show my kids how beautiful it is.

  6. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. We've been to Whitby and Scarborough a couple of times and love it. Usually we go camping somewhere in in the UK but this year we went aboard. Blog post coming soon when photos sorted.


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