Sunday, 14 September 2014

FSG Chicken Curry

This recipe has been asked for from my friends to use to impress their men! Every single time they tell me it worked! It's also the first curry recipe I've shown my soon to be at Uni next September son. He can be the fussiest brat on the planet when it comes to food. But he ate the lot!   I call it my Filthy Sexy Gorgeous Chicken curry.  It's silky, tasty, and divine. The mouthfeel is wonderous. It's based on one of the HB Fakeaways from book one of theirs. As ever, my recipes are also a bit chuck it  in n see. So if you want to try it with different meat or veg, do!  Serves 4 hungry people. 

Here's what you will need. 
Chicken - thighs or breast chopped into chunks
1 400ml tin coconut milk ( low fat is just as good but full fat is OMGFSG! )
2 med onions - chopped as you like em
1 yellow/red/orange pepper ( or what you have ) sliced into chunky slices
1 tablespoon fish sauce ( don't fret if you've none )
3/4 pint stock
3-4 good handfuls dessicated coconut ( gives it an extra coconutty dimension ) ( if I had ground almonds in I'd chuck a handful in too! ) 
Curry paste of your choice - I use 1.5tblspoon korma and 1.5taespoon tikka
Spinach - I use 6 frozen balls 
Herbs if you can be arsed. It doesn't need them really. 
1 tablespoon cornflour
Double cream for a drizzle of extra FSG. 

Right here's what I do. 
Heat a splash of oil in a LARGE deep sided frying pan ( this recipe makes a LOT ) and then fry your chopped onion and the curry pastes for up to 5 minutes. Then add your chicken and fry on med - high heat so it doesn't stew, till golden stirring quite a lot. You do not want to let your curry paste/onion mix to burn. 
Next pour in the coconut milk, then use the stock to rinse out the coconut tin and add this too. Stir. Chuck in the peppers. The fish sauce goes in , add your dessicated coconut then let it bubble for ten minutes. I don't bother with a lid. I'm trying to think if I've remembered everything! After ten minutes you can add the spinach ( I'd add fresh spinach 1-2 minutes before you serve ) 
Mix your cornflour with a dribble or two of cold water to slake it! Make sure your curry is bubbling and then stir in, bit by bit - it will thicken very quickly so judge it 
to how you like it. Cook it out for 3-4 minutes. It's now ready. For super FSG add a swirl of double cream and sprinkle with your fresh herbs! TA DAHHHHHH! 
I serve it with basmati rice - I manage to get it right Everytime somehow! I never rinse it. I fill a large pan with cold water, add a good pinch flaked sea salt. Chuck in my basmati rice. Stir three times clockwise with a fork ( I'm not kidding ) and leave to boil away for 10-15 minutes. If it's almost done and the water has almost gone, I take it off the heat n put a lid on it. If it's almost done and there's a lot of water left ( I never measure ) simply tip away most of the water then put a lid on it. I do my 'put a lid on it ' with the rice about the same time as the cornflour bit in the sauce. 
I also serve warm naan breads to mop up the last of the curry off the plate. 

So, next time you fancy something good, try a bit of Filthy Sexy Gorgeous!!! 

Love from 

Rachel *chuck it in n see* Radiostar xx 


  1. Curry sounds very tasty.

  2. Sounds yummy. I have chicken breasts in the freezer and a tin of coconut milk on the kitchen shelf so this will definitely be on the menu soon.

  3. Now I have a tin of coconut milk at the back of a cupboard. Do you think curry powder will do instead of curry paste?


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