Sunday, 21 September 2014

Barry takes a bath

It's my turn to look after Barry this weekend. ( Barry is the school budgie for those of you who don't know )
He's such a special little bird!
 Plus he matches my garden! Here he is sunning himself. He never shut up chirruping, singing, tutting, squawking, whistling and chatting yesterday. He busied himself mostly flirting heavily with his reflection in the window. He takes himself in and out of his cage at will. Today, I attached his bath for the first time. He immediately clambered across his bars to have a look...then promptly took himself as far away as he possibly could in the corner of his cage. He then alternated his birdy glare betwixt me and the UFO on his cage.  I gave up waiting for him to have a bath and went to put the world to rights with my friend.

I got home to the news that not only had Barry tried his bath out for size, he'd been practically doing the Hokey Cokey with it! My lovely son thought to capture it on video for me, so here you are!
Barry takes a bath! ( doh - video is at the beginning of this post! ) 

Love from 
Rachel *loves Barry* Radiostar

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  1. Can't believe I missed his first Bath! Hopefully I will be there for his first words considering I spend half of my time saying ' what you doing?' In the hope he will say it back. How much stimulus does he need in his cage? You have been buying more seed bells! He is a good match to your fence! Glad he has enjoyed his weekend at Mummy Rachel's! Hopefully this will publish cos I have no idea what I'm doing! Love fellow Barry lover


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