Monday 2 December 2013


Hey folks, it's December the 2nd. I've written some cards, ordered more stuff via Quidco and drooled at the telly Christmas Food adverts. Especially the M&S ones.
Anyway, at Night Owls, we are going all out Christmas Craft Crazy. Well, I am, and I'm dragging my fellow Owl ladies and Owlets with me. We, ok I, played our brand new Christmas CD 1 out of 3 and I forged ahead with the proto type. The children will have a go tomorrow. In small groups. The rest can make merry with the glitter and create Christmas Owl pictures to festoon the walls!

Swedish Snowflakes.
I first made these about a decade ago. Before all things Nordic were fashionable. It's EVERYWHERE!! Have you noticed? Or is it just me? 
Anyway you will need some old fashioned spring wooden pegs.
I found these wee darling ones to play with too!

You need to pull them apart. 
 My cowlleague,  ( ba da boom tish! ) started to fashion little Christmas shapes from the springs- these are still under wraps right now! 
You need to apply some glue to the flat side of the peg. 

And stick the two halves firmly together. 
 Here is where I made my mistake. I 'remembered' you need 6 pegs for each snowflake. My memory is shocking. Actually, and you'll see, the magic number is SEVEN! 

The tricky bit now is to glue the pegs into shape. You can get away with 6 for the smaller ones, but the larger one didn't look quite right. I used a glue gun to stick them into shape. It is quite fiddly, but stick with it. 

It might be easier to stick them in twos or threes first. 
I'm cross I didn't see the obvious missing seventh peg till I'd run out of time but I wanted a finished one to show the children. We have metallic paints and glitter. I can't wait till the children make them! I'm going to make some teeny ones for my own tree! 
Hang them with thread for a really thrifty, easy yet stylish and up to the minute Christmas Decoration. 
What is your favourite Christmas craft? Could I do it with my Owlets? Do please let me know! 
Rachel *Nordic* Radiostar xx 


  1. cool I must try making some.

  2. Thats sooo cool!! I love that - bet they would look lovely spray painted all sparkly too!

  3. What a great idea. We have loads of the little pegs somewhere in the craft cupboard, will have to dog them out.


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