Saturday 14 December 2013


My beloved HG bought these for me! I am absolutely tickled pink with them! They have kept me amused for hours! I love the name, I love the idea, I just love them!

So instead of doing the ironing I whipped up a batch of gingerbread dough and faffed about in the kitchen for a few hours! I used some white chocolate on the ninjas and will use red for their belts and masks! I finally had a go as using upside down gingerbread men to make reindeers and found a random Christmas tree cutter! 
Today I have sorted around the rest of my cupboards, and although the rest of the house looks like a bomb went off, the inside of my kitchen cupboards are sparkly and clean and tidy! I'm coughing as I type due to the plaster dust from the Uni one's bedroom. The ceiling will be papered tomorrow as I put my tree up ( finally ) in the afternoon. I was going to tell you something else....but I've forgotten!!! It may have involved Cauliflower soup and my new neighbours, but I don't think that was it!! Back soon :-) 
Rachel Gingerbread Artiste Radiostar! 


  1. Love your gingerbread creations. The ninjas look such fun.

  2. Awesome Rachel. I was reasonably industrious for Christmas as well. I baked wheatfree and cane sugar and sweetener free crunchies. I also made a fruit cake also wheatfree and sugar free. In both cases I sweetened with honey and dates - not perfect for a diabetic but a better alternative. My eldest daughter will not eat any dried fruit besides for dates so she had her first ever fruit cake.


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