Thursday 22 November 2012

I was asked to do an interview!

I was asked to do an interview by a fellow blogger and author J T Dougan. I 'met' him on The Twitter and here are his Q and my A! It's also published over at his blog
He has a full series of 'Tucker meets...' And I was truly honoured to be invited!

"1. Back to the Future - If given the chance, what would you go back and change, if anything, in your life?

I'd definitely make sure my legs were longerer and more slenderer like a gazelles.

2. Putting your feet up - Where do you see yourself in 20 years’ time?

In my dream slate cottage in the Western Lakes, in front of a roaring fire after a tramping the fells with my
HG and my copious grandchildren!

3. Big Brother or I'm a Celebrity... - Which of the reality TV shows would you like to appear on and why?

None of the above!! Ever.

4. Prime Minister for the day - You have been made Prime Minister for a day and have been allowed to make or change 6 policies. What would you do?

a) bring back corporal punishment
b) bring back the death penalty
c) life would mean life
d) hard labour and boot camps compulsory for the Abso types
e) All thieves should have digits removed one at a time for each crime committed and murderers should be killed by psychopaths kept especially to dispatch them in the EXACT same was they murdered their victim.
F) people arrested for murder, but withhold the whereabouts of the body should be tortured for the information.

5. Worth the divorce - Who is your celebrity crush?

Easy! Brandon Flowers! My HG knows his place in the pecking order of things!!

6. Soggy Veg – Who would you gladly slap around the head with a wet lettuce?

The woman who says "Would you like to try my 'SEUPE' ? In the Ryvita advert. It's SOUP NOT SEUPE. Grrrrrrrrr

7. I didn’t, did I? – Have you ever woken after a good but drunken night out and suddenly remembered something embarrassing from the night before?

I have.

Ohhhh you want a full and frank confession do you??

Ok, I was at a Lancashire Hotpots gig. I'd drunk A LOT of special coke. Afterwards me and my friend hung around to say hello to them. I was VERY falling overly drunk. It was great. They are brilliant lads. We had our photos taken with them.

Lying in bed early the next morning, the room swimming. I shivered as I recalled that I had to one of them
asked where do you live? He replied St.Helens.

I recalled and recoiled in horror at the memory.

To my shame, I SANG to them the jingle off the TV advert.
St. Helen's glass ,dum dum , has the class!

Fast forward a couple of hours. My friend called to pick something up. We had a right giggle as we talked about the gig, how we'd dared her to sit at the drum kit for a photo, about my singing...

Then she dropped the bombshell. She cackled amid hysterics that I'd danced for the Hotpot too. I'd fecking what?????
My HG came to the front door to see what the commotion was. He confirmed what she'd revealed! They then proceeded to show my incredible dance moves as I sang the St. Helen's glass song. I can only describe it as demented Flapper. I swirled my hands round in circles and did charleston legs. They were HOWLING at the memory. I was by now having flashbacks. CRINGE!
I am NEVER EVER drinking again!!

8. Forgive me Father, for I have sinned – Anything you’d like to confess?

I devoured the Twillight Saga books, borrowing them off my teenage daughter meaning WE had read them before they went global! And I know all the words to mmmm bop by Hanson. SUCH A TRENDSETTER!!

9. No way! – Something about you that would surprise people

I actually don't like pies despite looking like I ate them all!

10. Long arm of the law – Have you ever done something that could have got you arrested or has got you arrested?

I will refer you back to Q4 for a glimpse into my thoughts on lawlessness. I have NEVER broken any law of any land EVER. I would DIE if the police ever knocked at my door for me or mine. There are no grey areas as far as I am concerned . You are either law abiding or not and if you get caught, then the punishment should be severe.

Thanks for asking me these questions! I hope you are enthralled with my answers!!

Rachelradiostar :-) "

Because I know some of you are like me and love answering good questions - join in! Come on FrugalMummy, Amanda, Kate, and Nan! You know you want to!!


  1. I'm with you on all of the above- apart from the singing/ dancing whilst drunk. I am fortunate enough to have an emergency cut off device which activates when alcohol consumption reaches the point of no return. Great answers ;-)

  2. Jeez girl....I think you've covered all those questions very very well anything I could say would but echo your comments except for the long legs...I've got them....and yes I like pies....and totally agree with you if you were Prime Minster and put all that you have mentioned into practice for a day I'd elect you for the rest of the 4 years too but no I DO have a grey area .....I did scrump apples when I was 9 but was well and truly punished by the belt around my legs. Ouch and his thick leather belt hurt! Every time I see a cooking apple now I cringe!

    Amanda xx

  3. As regards #7...WHAT??? No video evidence?
    Jane x

  4. Sadly I have more than one embarrassing drunken story. Great interview Rachel. JT you are much trendier than I am I have no idea what MMm Bop is.


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