Friday 9 November 2012

Gettin' my groove on!

Well, I'm not sure I ever had one to get! But the lovely Kate at kateonthinice insisted on linking me in to this so I shall try my best!

I think events over the past four years destroyed any groove I had going on. If I'm completely honest, I am not sure I am ready yet for it to be put back into place.
Pre dark times - I had shimmied into my groove quite well! I was healthily eating mostly, full of energy doing lots of things that I liked to do best!
Going out. With friends, family, strangers! Gigging is what I love to do most. Going to see live bands just soars my soul like nothing else on Earth.

I have just missed two of my favourites due to the extremely boring medium that is money. I COULD have afforded the tickets; but we decided to be grown up and sensible ( Boo Hiss ) and just relish our memories of the last time we were there. However, I am still seething about not going! But I made the descision and stuck to it!

Because I can't actually promise to get my groove on Kate - I am going to tell some outrageous lies now about getting my groove on!

1. I am going to buy those leather jeans I always promised myself I would and will wear them every day like an aged Suzy Quattro.

2. I will back comb my hair again like Souxie Soux, wearing pale foundation, black eye make up and red lipstick in order to recapture the groove of my youth! I will tend to my hedge row eyebrows more often.

3. I will go snow boarding just for the sheer exhileration of it all.

4. I will pack myself and the HG for a picnic at sunset and dance til dawn on the beach.

5. I will join the local running club because I am a speed demon.

6. I will book that parachute jump I always said I would do.

7. I will throw away my trusty navy blue Tog 24 waterproof.

8. I will not wear it with flip flops.

9. I will not wear my Tog 24 coat and  flip flops with my sunglasses.

10. I will cease my 'Care in the Community Chic' fashion label activity at once.

11. I might more of an effort to straighten my hair. ( Since I lost it during the days of near death, my new hair has grown back curly - but not in an impossibly cute way - it's definitely a Gail Tilsley/Platt/MacIntyre off Corrie way )

12. I ran out of lies! Well I ran out of time to write anymore.

If you want to get into the groove, boy you gotta prove your love to me.... nice little ear worm for you all there!

Bye for now


  1. I am not sure that i ever found a groove to fit in, I was always happy doing my own thing. I still follow my own path rather than go with the flow. I live my life to the full and waste no time on regrets,

  2. Enjoy your different take on it all. Mainly I wanted you to take part as I know there are some other #getgrooving mums that you would love to get to know on Twitter etc.
    Something tells me you will end up turning some of these lies into truths in the not too distant future.

  3. My groove morphed into a rut.
    Jane x

  4. Well I always thought you're a groovy chick :o)

  5. Hi it sounds like you have some fab ideas, even if they are all lies, but seriously????? flip flops and Tog 24?

  6. Rachel where do we draw the line between enjoying life now and being mindful of our future?

  7. I've tagged you in a game of blog-tag here I hope you don't mind.

  8. I want to see the Rachel Radiostar Siouxie Soux

    No groove is big enough...



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