Saturday 3 November 2012

I've been thinking about Christmas..

Now, I have been on Half Term. But I have been thinking about work! It's my favourite Half Term TO work. The lovely lead up to Christmas. I bloody love it!

Anyway, each year, each class make to sell, a Christmas Craft at the fair.
So I have been clicking on all the 'Pinterest' things a friend on Twitter posts. I AM signed up for the pin thing myself, but I have not played around on it enough to learn how to do it and use it to best advantage. So for now, I'm content to sit back and let Cassie do my work! We seem to have the same great taste!
Anyway, she pinned 3 fabulous ideas that I decided I will do with the class! I also have two other ideas too.
( As I am blogging on my phone - the photos will all appear at the end. )

1. The Christmas Card. Now we won't be making these to sell, but the children do make one to take home. A really simple but effective use of scrap paper, rolled, to make a Christmas Tree.

2. The background to the tree card, will be pine printed snowflakes. Again, super simple but effective. Remember I work in the top class so we are a bit past twee robins and the like!

3. Seller number 1.
Hot glue glitter tree ornaments. I can't wait to see if these work!

4. Seller number 2.
I saw this on a fabulously foodie blog

I think the children will have fun making these. I just need to source some cheaper sticks than I saw at Hobbycraft.

5.Seller number 3. Continuing the lollipop theme. In one of my biscuit books I found these Teddy lollies. It might be quite easy to make these into more Christmassy figures, but I think Teddies will go down great!

So, have you ever had any success with a particular craft at a fair that would be minimum cost to make AND easy to do with large groups of excited children?



  1. This has brought my primary school years back to me, no mean feat as i am 62. I remember the joy and pride in taking home my crafts, my children did the same and many of our Christmas decs are over 25yrs old, my fiary has been repaired many times and I dead the day when she disintegrates.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Pam. I love the Nativities, the decorated classrooms, reading Papa Noel to the younger ones , learning about Christmas crafts in other countries. I just love it all!!

  2. Now I'm feeling nervous, knowing that I'm doing Christmas craft pinning for you as well as myself. However, I love that the things that I've pinned for myself to do you are going to do with children. I guess that just shows my ability level. LOL

  3. Those craft idea's look fabulous, particularly the lollies - ha ha if I don't mind saying so myself. Thanks for the mention too :)

    I'm quiet sure the children are going to have a wonderful time making these creations. I love the idea of the snowflake Christmas Cards made from a pine needles may have to borrow that Idea next time my niece pops around, she loves getting the paints out.


  4. What about gift jars, where they put in the ingredients for something like cakes, and add a pretty tag with the recipe on it too - something like this:


    I'm going to help myself to all these great ideas. Yes, I'm a thief. But have pity on a poor homeschooling mom who's totally going to make those evergreen stamp snowflakes.


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