Friday 30 November 2012

Frosty Friday

What a lovely, cold couple of days it's been. I love the frost. It's stayed frosty all day, hence the title.

Well, I caused a 'stir' at work today, nay, a sensation!

Actually I didn't. It was a MUFTI ( WTF does that stand for anyway?) DAY for the children - payment is something for the tombola for the Christmas Fair next week. Out of date sardines anyone?

So entering the spirit of the day I decided to go mad and wear mascara. Plus the tiniest slick of brown eye liner. That's IT. Nothing more, nothing less.

I know. Shocking behaviour. But I did.

Not only that I washed my hair. Not only THAT, I dried it.

The combination of these two things caused uproar when I walked into the classroom. An audible gasp was heard. It was exactly like when Jane took her glasses off in that Neighbours episode!

Ok. I admit I am exaggerating. But the next two bits are true. One young chap in Y6 called over
"'Ere, Miss, have you got some of that er er eyeliner stuff on? "
I replied I had actually!
He then, without snark, sarcasm or mickey taking answered,
" I just wanted you to know that I'd noticed!"

I was laughing my head off on the inside, I just smiled at him on the outside ! Bless him!

Then after school one of the lovely site supervising team remarked that I looked really nice today, really lovely, what had I done? I was laughing as I said I washed n dried my hair. She said, really? You look different. I said oh I've got ONE coat of mascara on. Now she is fully made up everyday with huge sweeping lashes. She is really sickenly pretty too. She was all, you should wear it more often, you look good - then we were laughing as I was saying , oh- as opposed to dog rough everyday???? She was laughing, digging her hole further , in reply to my I can't be arsed with make up remark, that you do get past it when you get older I suppose!!!

It wasn't offensive, it was a really funny LOL moment!! I'll be teasing her about it next time I see her!!

I was also covered in chocolate today as we started making the Christmas lollipops for the fair. I had got it up my arms, down my side, on my chin(s), on my top etc!! But they are looking good. I will take some photos next week when they are done.

So want to see what all the fuss was about?? Honestly, there's not much there at all. I do have the world's shortest eyelashes too!! Dodgy lighting not v flattering!!

If you comment, I just want you to know, that I DO notice!! Hehehehehe!


  1. Ha ha love your comment just like Jane from neighbours I remember it well the good old days , I won't leave the house without mascara and eyeliner not bothered about the rest to much faffing

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  3. MUFTI: Minimum Use of Force Tactical Intervention
    More info here:

  4. Your just so sassy, wearing make up AND doing your hair! I bet you didn't look at all like your alter ego...Gail?!

  5. I always wear makeup as I have blonde eyelashes and eyebrows, side effect of being an original ginger. If I don't wear make up people ask kindly if I'm OK, ie I look ill, worn out! Bless, its one way of getting sympathy.

  6. Rachel I am exactly the same, I have worn make up once in the past month.


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