Thursday 17 May 2012

Vintage or just old?

 Moi? have to admit - am getting old!

This post was inspired a bit by a conversation I saw on Twitter.
 Where the subject of Children's paintings were being discussed. As in how many do you keep?! 

( I actually have kept EVERYTHING from my babies bar for a few clothes etc - it's frugal loft insulation!)

Now I used to keep them ALL! I couldn't bear to throw them away.  ( the loft was becoming too much of a fire hazard!) But the reality is it does gets ridiculous!

I worked in a Nursery. I used to snigger at the crest fallen face of the poor harassed mama having to collect her child clutching ANOTHER 16 wet paintings of the same thing!!  But I too have been that poor harassed mama!

Pre Nursery, pre little Brother my daughter loved to paint. So we had tons of the stuff, fancy pants painting sets etc. Which in turn churned out hundreds of masterpieces.

 So I kept one or two beloved pieces - and now they are almost grown it's wonderful to discover them again. But in a corner of my house I have some 16 year old art work that belongs to my daughter! I think probably  the cobwebs are 16 years old too. ( Please don't judge me!!! )
 This whole wall was plastered in them but a few special ones remain.

I am glad they do, as now as she approaches the great milestone of 18 and then off to Uni. ( Please let her get her grades! ) they make me pause a while, remembering her little toddler voice, giggles and squeals as she squidged the paint between her little chubby fingers. She had pigtails in that day - you know the ones where its a few wisps of hair really, but they made her look very cute.
( Man I'm getting choked up!)

What art work did you keep and why? If you email them in I shall create a rogues gallery! Who has the oldest - ahem - most vintage artwork?  Please comment and let me know


  1. We have some stuff. I think some of it is still on the fridge, which is the traditional place to put it of course! We keep some of it for posterity so they can look back when they are bigger and see what it is they did.

    1. I think the lady you spoke of who kept.every.piece. Must have a very.large.fridge! X

  2. I used to keep everything. I now have only kept some of my favourite ones. We have moved a lot which necessitated throwing out some.

  3. I still have a few . I have no kept everything .. he is 13 now so bring ing art hoe is now in a folder !

  4. Oh. Tears.

    How come your kids growing up hurts me as much as my kids growing up?

  5. Awww! I remember when she was a cute little toddler with two wisps of pigtails... She will always be my beautiful baby cousin no matter how old she is (just like you are eternally 28 in my eyes :D) xo


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