Monday 14 May 2012

Groundhog Monday

Let's hope it will be a marvellous Monday.

I bet you 10p it won't.

Its the dreaded SATS week. I blogged about this last year.The post from last year This year will be exactly the same.
I will have to watch children struggle with test conditions. I will suffer the agony of watching them write the wrong answers even though I am telepathically SCREAMING the answers to them.

Then it's Staff Meeting. Deep joy! Actually it's the THOUGHT of it that is worse!. Our staff meetings are actually alright! We don't have one every week - so it's good to all get together and share happenings. We have a packed diary from now til the end of term. I don't know how we will fit it all in. It seems to get worse and more frantic every year. I thinks it's cause I'm old now and cannot take the pace!

Today I have to zoom to the Post Office at lunchtime to send off the blessed Birth Certificate and Declaration form for the daughter's student finance. If my lottery numbers would do the decent thing and come up, none of the above would have to happen! ( Actually I would still go in for the SATS )

I will count the walk at lunchtime as part of my daily exercise! I just downloaded a new App  on my iphone( New to me ) My Fitness Pal ( LINK )   - until now didn't realise it was online. I shall endeaver to keep up with this! Just been looking at some of the stuff online - people really get results it would seem!

Now off for some breakfast before my work day begins.

How's your Monday panning out?


  1. Rachel I too am waiting for that lotto. I started long walks everyday a week ago. I want to get home and do my daily walk but the boss asked me to stay late to do a letter for him and now he is taking his time coming back to the office SIGH.

  2. I use my fitness pal I also use endomondo which tracks your exercise & will tell u your distance & calorie burn. You can also join challenges, my favourite is collecting virtual rotten eggs :-) xx

  3. Will the fitness pal tell me how many calories I burn walking from the couch to the cupboard to get another cookie?

    Monday is annoying so far. Kids arguing. You know, the usual. :)

  4. Monday - so far so good. Of course, it's only 10:45 am here. But I 've been up for six hours! I just realized that. ai-yi-yi

  5. Well, my day started quite late at 8.30am when I stumbled out of bed and into the shower followed by a nice drive into the office where I did 3 radio interviews for International Ideas Week for local radio stations around the UK followed by plenty of prep for a meeting tomorrow. This, however, is not a typical day, Tuesday will start at 4am when I drive to Heathrow Airport to park the car while I have a 9am meeting in the centre of London followed by another 3 hour drive back home in the evening!

  6. I need to update you on our SATs at some point.... no stress, just the usual randomness.... :-)

    Hope its all going ok!!!


  7. Rachel, I am hearing you with the dreaded form-filling in thing with teenagers. I think that if they can prove they filled out all the forms and navigated those horrendous govt websites without parental help they should get automatic university entrance!


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