Friday 11 May 2012

Do you want to see my cakes #2?

Again, not a euphemism.

Just a few minutes to post a few more photos of cakes what I made in the past!

When my daughter was tiny, as I said on Wednesday,  I didn't work, but I did take advantage of some of the free adult learning activities at the local night school. That's how long ago it was. It was called Night school.

Anyway I took up Sugarcraft. I LOVED it. I was the youngest by a good forty years but I used to love my Thursday nights with the ladies. The tutor was an amazingly talented lady called Anne. She had the lightest, fastest fingers in the west!.

One time, at Sugarcraft class ( sic ) ...We made piping bags out of greaseproof paper. A rectangular piece of greaseproof paper. We folded the corner down and some how got the bag template. I picked up the hang of that really quickly. Fashioning a cone shaped piping bag? She made would make a Japanese Origami Ninja Master look like ( um um searches brain for something super clumsy here ) er that he'd never folded a piece of paper in his life . ( Sorry - it's lame but it's early )

That woman must have been a saint. I could not do it. Dyslexia means you struggle with words, Dyscalculia means you struggle with numbers - I had Dyspipingbagia -- I struggled. Ok .

 Without complaining once, for one and a half hours that woman showed me how to wrap the bag round my hand, tucking one end under my thumb, make a point so sharp it hurt ( that was the test - if it didn't hurt when you pricked yourself with it, it wasn't good enough)  and then withdraw your hand so it didn't collapse and fold down the sides. Easy peasy.

Finally, I did it! My eureka moment. The old ladies clapped, I think the teacher cried. I could now PIPE! with my own BAG!

It is actually very easy - once you know how!!

I went for nigh on three years until my second baby arrived. Then the free night schooling stopped and I couldn't afford to carry on. But I'd built up one of those massive B&Q tool boxes full of PME tools ( The very best ) flower cutters, colour paste, stamens etc. I still have it and it still gets used. But not enough. But I have no where near enough spare time. ( Ok I get about 43 weeks off  a year with school holidays etc! ) but I think I am going to have a dabble again soon.

The one downside of my sugar craft career is that one day making sugar fondant was I burnt out the motor on my beloved Kenwood mixer. I couldn't afford to have it repaired or if anyone looking in wants to buy me one, or review one ( never reviewed anything in my life before - but apparently some bloggers do this?! ) I would LOVE a new Kenwood. Le sigh. Anyway enough waffle - some more of my handy work.

One of my favourite cakes I made was Noddy and Big Ears in Noddy's car for my Daughter's fifth birthday I think it was - but I have no photograph of it :(.

I have real troubles when adding photos - esp when I add captions, they seem to jump out of order which is what has happened here. Sorry !

I made my Son's Christening Cake. Daisies, Rose buds and Ivy. Very Masculine!
Attention to detail round the back, although please note, the van doors did not open!
This cake weighed an effin ton!
That's not a smile on my face,
it's a weightlifter's grimace.

I made my first posy of roses for my Aunties 60th Birthday. They are not perfect but not bad for a first go.
The whole cake. The icing I did with a number 2 first in white then a 1 in pink. A bit of a wobbly hand - but this was my first formal cake!
A certain little Tank engine for my little lad's three year old birthday.
I think he was chuffed to bits with it!
No wonder the post was late that day - he was posing in my kitchen!
That was her 'excited I love my cake so much mummy' face! 
Round the back! Real ( sugarpaste) coal to burn!
The colour of the photo does not do this cake justice. It was lovely in blues. This I think was my peice de resistance. The old woman who lived in a shoe. I was up til 4am of my daughter's birthday tiling that effing roof!

I made this for my darling Nanna. The starnge marks are on the photo from the plastic film. It's not my icing.
I gave people these little baskets of flowers for Easter in the first year. These flowers are still ok today! Bits have broken off - but they are almost 18 years old!

My little pony cottage for the girl child's 6th. The pony's are plastic! The cottage is modelled on our house. ( Ok that last bit was a lie) But ( adopts Lloyd Grossman's voice ) Who lives in a house like this?!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these ckes :).
Like I mentioned earlier - if you want to give me a brand spanking new kenwood - then I urge you to do get in touch! Cheers!!


  1. That flower basket is AMMMMMAZING. They look so real.

    That pic of Callum with his Thomas train is so precious. That face makes the effort worth it. <3

  2. They are all fabulous cakes, you should definitely get back into it. What talent!

    I think my favourite is actually the piggies, I'm sure the flowers are more difficult and they look so beautiful but that Pig's face is sooo cute!

    Arwedd xx

  3. WOW. I'm very impressed. Did they taste as good as they looked?

  4. These are amazing! You really do have a gift. Just lovely.

  5. Gorgeous cakes! I agree with Eryn ... if you hadn't told me, I would have thought that was a real flower basket. You rock! =)


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