Friday 1 June 2012

The plan WAS to write a post....

....this morning - but as it's been a while - I was catching up with all the blogs I follow! It's been a right riveting read - and my own post will have to wait till later!

It's Jubilee Day at school - we have to go in red, white n blue. I have no clothes of these colours. I only own and wear black. So I was elated last night to find a red, white n blue stripy apron!

Please note I am not in this photo as I am not Blonde and MY apron is red, white and blue remember!

Also I don't actually look that often but I am pretty sure my bottom is not that tiny and perky! I WILL be wearing my base layer of black under my pinny!
Happy Friday everyone. I will be back with my planned post later x


  1. Oh now you've thrown down a gauntlet tho'... I have a hankering to be butt naked under a long apron in the sunshine in the garden: don't know how I'm going to keep my boobs in at the front though? Hmm maybe not! lol

  2. Fabulous wee blog today....made me chuckle. Re: keeping your boobies in front fostermummy have you tried string and a slip knot?

  3. Well, wow. I'm guessing those aprons have pockets on the front, because I don't know where they keep their car keys, otherwise. ;)


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