Friday 4 May 2012

Friday round up, check it out-you are probably in it!

Hello! I like Fridays a lot because I do not start work till 9am. Living so close to my place at work means I can faff about at home till 8.56 and still be at work on time - on foot!

So I get up with the larks most days and I like to catch up with blog world. Today I have been catching up a lot and commenting a lot. So I thought I'd share my comments and link you in to the blogs I have read so far.

I AM SORRY IF I HAVE NOT INCLUDED YOUR BLOG YET _ I PROMISE I WILL NEXT TIME! I start work at 9am - not 9pm! I know I am a fast reader and writer - but the laptop is s l o w !

First stop as ever is Frugal Queen's blog - I thought about THIS post too late and didn't copy n paste my comment before it was whizzed off for approval! But I wrote about my Le Creuset apron that is 18 years old.  Because the apron she makes was the matching material to my mum and dad's kitchen in 1973!

Next stop - Fostermummy does takeaway food for practically NOTHING

My comments -
  1. Dear Fostermummy,
    I have NEVER stir fried a swede. However, when one is trying to eat more healthily and come up with ingenious ways to make things low calorie but tasty - I know others will have done this before - but last year I roasted swede for the first time! Normally I boil it with my carrots n mash it together but roasted it is delicious! Either with or without a slick of oil. Sprinkled with salt n black pepper straight into the oven without parboiling - it is sweet, savoury and delicious!
    Rachel x

  1. O and if you can ever get it - I used my last far last week - but sometimes Asda sells jars of smart price curry sauce for as little as 9p. If you see it - buy it - it's bloody gorgeous!! If you see it - also let me know! So I can restock up!
I am deadly serious about the curry sauce by the way.

Then I visited my newest follower's blog - Arwedd's jewellery A lovely ramble through her jewellery box.

My comment

I have teeth! Every single one from both of my offspring. I say *I* - I actually mean my dearly beloved! I have a real sensitive stomach and gag reflex ( a present from pregnancy ) so I am comforted in the knowledge that he has them, but I do not want to see them! It makes me chuckle as they are too in an expensive jewellery box - I chuckle for the macabre find some one will make when we've popped our clogs! Thanks for the follow by the way xxx

I have no idea why the time on the comments says it's 11.38 pm! Because I have only just made them! Before 8am on Friday morning!

I made my way to the blog of my newest American chum on Twitter. We instantly clicked and I adore her. Simple! One chunky mama and her hilarious tales of life with three under fives. two of which are twins!

Her post was an anniversary message to her husband.  - My small comment simply wished them both love and congratulations.

Then BACK I went to read Fostermummy's red paper clip challenge GO READ IT
and then left my comment

The person who receives this will be very lucky! You have set the bar high! Sadly I shall have to *sit* this one out and watch from afar. Very afar - I live right oop north practically in the Lake District!
Rachel :)

Of course I never ever come on blogger without going to read about my sister's offspring.Will William go to sleep? In this post she tells us about sleep training! I commented asking how did daddy manage? And scolded her for making Harry cry!!

This post has made me LAUGH OUT LOUD - I urge you to click this link - especially if you are a lady of a 'certain' age because you will definitely relate!

My Comments
Rachelradiostar says:
Yes yes yes to all of the above. Weewifie your comment made me guffaw!
The best days for plucking are those really bright sunny days.
Last time I shaved my legs , the drains blocked and there was widespread flooding. In these austere times I treat my leg hair as natural under clothes leg warmers. They’d cost you £8.99 at TKMaxx!! My eldest is weeks away from being 18 and I have used the mumwords “while you are living under my roof ” I vowed at 17&3/4 NEVER to say those things to
My children! I was going to let my children have 20 dogs if they wanted. ( we have none ) and I was never going to yell at my children about the messy bedrooms. To date my child has been cleaning her room for the last 7 years. It’s all I say to her. Ave you tidied your room? We go through this facade every day. Her answer is always ‘nearly’ . Fortunately for her I am way too busy on twitter to go and check progress!
  • northernmum says:
    leg shaving – another fabulously long winded waste of time – I mean why do we persist in doing something that our body clearly doesnt want us to do. everytime I shave it grows bloody back!

Last one for today is a twitter chum - whose blog blows mine out of the water!

Hey, someone who is as focused and as talented as you are will not be down for long. I am sure of it. You are one of the most positive folks I 'see' on Twitter and you are from oop north too. A winning formula! That's winning not whining! I've not really had much to do with your Life Cycyle ( not much to do with actually means I only just read about it! ) - but at this point in time, your life dictates you focus on summat eIse! think I am a bit crap at writing uplifting and motivational stuff - so I 'll leave it to the experts! See you on #drawsomething !

Rachel x
That's me done for the day! Until next time! Hopefully sooner than Friday :) Play nice n stay safe!


  1. Oooh lots of neat new blogs to check out!


  2. I'll do yours next week Eryn! A long with a whole host of others!!

  3. I was hoping to hear about Lynford the Hamster.. or were you too 'sick' to go in after all? Loving your blog..

  4. Hello Jo, :) thanks for your comment xx The Lynford story will be in my next posts! You will need tissues.


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