Friday, 21 January 2011


It's been a loooong week of nasty get ups! I cannot move my legs. At all. The reason for my paralysis? A PALTRY seven ( yes that's seven - single digit) minutes jogging on the spot in the morning ( using my hands as a sports bra as sports bra is in depths of a drawer, somewhere along with lycra (shudders) shorts and tops) before work. Got sweaty and out of breath, so therefore it did me good. Ergo I got cocky and thought, that after work when I got in I would do 5 minutes of high knee lifts, 4 minutes of heads, shoulders, knees and toes ( knees and toes) ( I omitted the eyes and ears and mouth and nose ) instead I went for another 7 minutes jogging on the spot. I then stretched out my legs, hamstrings and calves. But apprently not enough because today I feel like the tinman in need of a good oiling! If you listen carefully you will hear me creak!

Methinks Paula Radcliffe's jogging on the spot in one's bedroom with hands trying to contain spillage olympic gold medal is safe for a few years!

Have to share a  little person's  conversation with me today in class.
I'll call him James.
James - Whispers with the back of his hand to his mouth to emphasize the covertness of his message.
Miss can I tell you something? It's about my show and tell.
Me - Yes ok then ( I had been badgered about show and tell ALL afternoon after I opened the show and tell floodgates the week before and let them ALL have a bloody turn - objects included; the lower jaw of a fox, a japanese doll, a paper spy camera ( homemade ) ; it had special lenses so it could see through walls - the child used it at night to see into mum and dad's room ( HIS WORDS) ,  Someone's aunty's cast of their teeth taken by the dentist proir to denture fitting, a stone, a comb and a roman coin. I know, I know - you are still thinking about that fox bone! Anyway I digress....
James - don't tell anyone because I don't want to ruin the surprise. I've brought something so old and very very precious. ( Said with all seriousness)
Me - What is iiit?
James - well ( still with the back of his hand up to his mouth ) - well, I've brought in some of Britains's FIRST belongings?
Me - Britains first belongings? Knowing that this child comes from a SP home. Sensible Parent. Was safe in the knowledge is well brought up and cultured so I was assuming he'd been to the British Museum in London and brought back a replica stone or something from the museum shop. As you would.

James - It's money - old coins
Me - Ahh ( OBVIOUSLY Romancoins either from the find up town ( quite common here ) or from the Museum.)
James - Paused for dramatic effect I swear he did, leaned in some more and whispered, " They are coins from 1971."

Man Now I DO FEEL OLD!!!!!


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