Saturday, 22 January 2011

Feeling just a little bit smug.

I would like to, for once, blow my own trumpet. This is an instrument I have rarely played. The layer of dust on the bell is thick.
I was the ONLY person in school to have been observed teaching RE by the inspector. AND I'm not even a teacher.
The Ofsted inspectors who were inspecting the rest of the school only popped in and out of most of the lessons. She stayed with me FROM BEGINNING TO THE BITTER END - A WHOLE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES.
The head dropped this bombshell on me THAT morning. I knew that I would definitely BE observed, but assumed it would be for part of the lesson. ( I was think O please make it be the GOOD bit!)  So the only reason I was a bit miffed was the way I was prepared for this invasion of my classroom. The head laughed and kind of said deal with it.RRRRRR man management skills are somewhat lacking sometimes. Mind you she did have the whole school to defend and offer up as a slaughter/sacrifice....but as a Church of England School, the Inspector lady who was from The Diocese - probably was THE most important  inspector of the bunch really. But I suppose I would say that!.

Here's what she had to say about me!

"The enthusiastic and knowledgeable RE teaching observed
in Year 5 was very good and included group drama. Interactive games locating bible
passages and reflecting on different articles, while linking them to The Bible, reinforced
previous le...arning. A container of sand engaged most of the children and prompted them to
reflect with 'Jesus must have walked on sand by Galilee', 'He will have left footprints' and 'the
wonderful things which happened in deserts' being examples of thoughtful, reflective
comments made by pupils. ICT was used effectively during the lesson to promote questions
for the following week's Islamic visitor and for one group to record facts relating to the Bible.
There was some low level disruption which, although dealt with appropriately, prevented
above average progress being made in the lesson. Teaching of RE promotes children's
spiritual development. Assessment is used effectively. The 'I can' statements give the children
the opportunity to carefully reflect on their learning."

The low level disruption was two boys talking. My appropriate dealing was to say their names - then they quit chatting and got on with their work! No where does she say this was a class of 30. I had no Teaching assistant. I had 5 children on school action Plus and another 4 on IEPs . I planned and delivered 6 different differentiated activities all working towrds the same Learning Intention!
 I still am proud of myself.

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