Tuesday 25 January 2011

Hurty eye

This morning I manages to stab myself in the eye with a plastic wallet full of RE display letters. Result -  one streaming hurty eye. I did what any self respecting primary school worker would do - slap a cold wet paper towel on it. This eased the pain but I was alarmed at the kaleidoscope effect my eye gave everything I looked at.
The children at school were really really sweet and concerned. Bless them. ( They were out and out children of satan yesterday!)
By lunch the scary fuzzball sight had given way to the blurry double vision I have now. Using my extensive medical knowledge I have diagnosed a nasty scratch. If it is no better real soon  -  I may seek a second opinion!

 Off to take my son to karate now!


  1. You didn't even mention the eye when we talked! What good is all this medical training without giving unsolicited advice?!?!

    Is it better? :(

  2. Hi Eryn - my heart just lifted a little - my little yahoo pop up popped up, doing it's job, tellingme you are online! Anyway thank you for your concern, my eye was perfectly ok after two days - but I was kinda scared for a while :) Eyes are precious things, and if you have two working ones you are very lucky and should NOT take them for granted!


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