Friday 30 December 2022

What was in my freezer on Christmas Eve 2022?

 Warning - very dull post documenting my kitchen fridge freezer stocktake. I am on with this now as I had a very bad habit of buying stuff then shoving it in the freezer then forgetting about it. I did it in September and really made the effort to shop from it and meal plan a little better. It is full to bursting and I need to shop from it for the month of January and beyond. 

I have had this American style fridge freezer for over ten years but I still call it my new one.  Years ago when the children were little because we claimed some kind of tax credit, in the early days I was offered a Government Gateway account and it was a scheme to get folks saving. ( My two missed out on that child trust fund thingy ). Anyway for every £2 I saved they gave me £1. I had to save £25 a month and the max was £800. Anyway I did it - it was with the Halifax and with the £400 top up I went and bought the fridge outright! They seem to have come down in comparable price these days but it came with a water filter and ice maker and I had to have them come round and assess if the floor was strong enough! It was, it's solid concrete! My old hotpoint traditional fridge freezer is in the cellar. It worked fine. Still does. But the old chest freezer we had down there was not working properly and stuff really did go in there to never ever resurface!! Anyway the freezer is  also full down there - need to stocktake but I mostly keep a few SW ready meals, bread and milk and duplicate frozen veg.  I've a couple of those ready to roast from frozen joints in too from Iceland. Brilliant they are. The fridge down there is rarely full and it is a blessing at Xmas but I will fill it with milk bottles with water in once empty to improve the efficiency and energy usage from now on.

So  back to The Kitchen One - it is a narrow side by side and it's not that great for storage - however I've got such a lot in it! 


fine beans 3/4 bag

sliced carrots full bag - great for chucking in the slow cooker with froxen cubed stewing steak and frozen onions for a really cheap quick stew! 

country mixed veg - 3/4 bag

sliced peppers 3/4 bag

broccoli for soup - 1/4 bag

spinach balls 1/2 bag

butternut squash cubes - full bag

tenderstam broccoli - full bag

peas - full bag plus 1/4 bag

mushrooms - 1/4 bag

Spag bol portions x 3 - used last night for easy tea.


M & S Yorkshire s  x 6 ( what???? yes even I buy them sometimes haha )

M & S crinkle chips 3/4 bag

M 7 S straight chips x 2 portions

Roasted root veg - x 2 portions

Sweet potato fries x 1 portion

Aunt Ressie's ( ie my own ) jacket potatoes x 2


Organic whole chicken - 1 large

12% Minced beef - x 1 tray

Organic shin beef - x 4 portions for stew

Organic chicken breasts x 2

Chunky haddock portions x 1

wholetail scampi - full bag

spam fritters x 4

lasagne -x 1 portion

chicken pasty x 1

steam fresh golden rice and veg x 2 bags

Arctic Roll - 1 full box

- The organic stuff was in the flash sales of my Christmas Ocado shop. I cannot miss a bargain like that! The beef shin looks so good and was only £1.12 marked down 80% ! 


Frozen chilli, garlic, herbs

Frozen fruit bags inc

blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, cherries

Organic whole milk - 1 pint

hot dog bun x 1

pitta bread x 2

thins - x 3

seeded roll x 1

Doggy icecream x 1


Rhubarb stewed unsweetened - 500g x 2 ( SW Healthy Extra B choice )

Rhubarb stewed sweetened for crumble or pie

Apple - stewed

Quorn sausage - 6

Prawns - large full bag

Hash brown bites - 1 full bag


Mainly from the butcher

minced steak - x 1

chicken breasts x 5

burgers x 2

minced pork x 1

lamb leg steak x 2

streaky bacon x 1lb

Minute steak lean - x 2 potions

braising steak x 4 portions

thin pork sausage x 12

pork cocktail sausage x 28 

So I will only need to shop really for fresh fruit/veg and dairy. Plenty of choice and variety for some good wholesome healthy eating over the next few weeks. I think I'm going to make some rumbledethhumps as I've plenty pf potatoes and cabbage and cheese in and if I freeze some - it's an easy tea with say the chicken breasts or the braising steak. 

Looking at my lists from September the only thing still in there to be used - the minced pork - will have been bought for a certain recipe I fancied at the time as it's not something I normally buy. The lamb leg steak - bought to make the Hairy Dieter's doner kebabs - a fab recipe.The frozen fruit and herbs and garlic are a perma fixture and the roasting  veg was a full bag as were the fine beans. The apple sauce and rhubarb are also still from September - but they were freshly made then. I will use them this coming month. 

My tins and dried goods cupboards are full too. I like that feeling. Though with 14 tins of tomatoes in I won't buy those for a while! Unless on offer - I do like the Mutti brand - they do taste better when the tomatoe is a major factor in the dish - rest of them are smart price own brand. I don't have a problem with those at all. But if you see the more expensive branded tomatoes on offer - give them a go at least once! You are worth it! Hahaha 

Right - have been busy finding all the post Christmas recycling and need to go do a bit more. Or I can try do some some of this gorgeous but very hard on the eyes jigsaw! 

Love from 

Rachel * must crack on whilst I am in the mood* Radiostar xxx


  1. I am making the worst puzzle EVER at the moment (LOL) I could personally throttle the couple who bought me it!!! Driving me potty...LOL

  2. We sorted our freezers yesterday, and made a list of what needs eating, so we too are going for the lowest spend in January possible. It's the time of year where I do like a good sort out.

  3. You remind me I must do a freezer audit soon - not looking forward to it but I really must if I am to use up what I have rather then spending money on what I don't need.

    Happy New Year to you and thank you for all the posts, comments, ideas and chuckles. xx


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