Thursday 8 December 2022


 How exciting! Tonight I made a start on a couple of the orders I’ve had in! 

First sale! 
It’s one from a set of 4 that I may have shown you before.

I took my wares into work and thought I’d display them strung across the whiteboard that never gets used in the staffroom. Well, the heating is set to melting point and at a solid gas mark 7 - the sodding sellotape lost its stick and everything was falling off. Much swearing ensued. A colleague helped me arrange them in a basket with the pretty lights wrapped round! I’d devised the world’s worst order form and price list ( business woman of the year ) and left it at that! Anyway a few staff have made requests and I’m up to £60 in sales so far! Happy days! I’m going to use that to invest in a smallish table top LED lit twiggy tree for display for my market/craft stall I’m going to do next year. I will look for one in the January sales. 

How they start off! 

 Yes it does currently, which makes me snigger - but they are for twins -  names B and O! I will finish the trimming tomorrow after work. 

How cute are the little lights?! 

Original plan was to get a little twiggy tree! Plan B turned  out to be useless! 

A jumble of cute things! 

In other news. My phone did an update and somehow the screen saver changed from this

to this.

I love the new look. That’s the HG and Miss 28 with Freddie and Bluebell. 
And finally my success, probably one time ever, win at Worgle! The other week, I wrote decide, then in my head said, no silly, that’s two ‘d’s. Thought,  I’m on my device. Two ‘e’s, oh well. 
Ta daaaaaah!!! 

 Am now on the countdown to the end of term. The school is RIFE with coughs and colds. I am still coughing 4 weeks on from Covid, but I think now I am picking up all the different strains going round. Sadly, we have a few cases of Strep A and Scarlet Fever. One little soul is now in hospital on IV antibiotics quite poorly because despite his really good Mum going back to the GP, chemist and A and E, she was sent away with anti histamine and emollient cream for his skin rash. His hands were so sore he could barely hold a pencil. He never complained once. By the time he was admitted, over the weekend, his hands and arms were covered in huge pus filled sores and it took 7 doctors at the hospital to dismiss it before the 8th admitted him. It makes me cry thinking about him. He is seriously poorly now. He was stable last night after 6 doses of meds and his arms and hands are all bandaged up. So now at school we have the stringent covid hand hygiene routines in place - the time consuming ones and extra cleaning throughout the day at tough points is back. The Naitiviies are almost done as are the staff!! 
I was on a training course yesterday all about consent and engagement when working with families. It was a refresher morning and enjoyable to boot! Very useful. The course was held in a building just out of the town centre and was supposed to finish at 12.30pm but instead it was closer to 1pm. I left the venue and walked into town. Nipped into M&S for a sandwich for my lunch and used my ‘lunch hour’ to get back to school as I was helping the Nativity due to start at 2pm. I had no need to go home as the HG was not working so Madam Brown Ears was fully catered for! 

Here is my story! Got to the bus station. Looked at the arrivals board. 

Said 1.38 on clock 

Bus due 1.45

I thought I’ll get the bus be back before 2 - not long to wait 

Then board said bus due 1.45 expt 1.47 

Ok I thought 

Then due 1.45 expt 1.48 

1. 49 


I’m like ffs I could have walked it’s a 20minute brisk walk from town. However, 

I was committed to bus travel by now thinking surely it’ll be here in a minute. There were middle class,  middle aged people FEWMIN where ever you looked. The bus I was waiting for travelled through some vair naice villages….we ALL noticed the 

Bus drivers hanging around - a gaggle of them - I wonder what the collective noun is for bus drivers haha  

I was waiting for the number 55 , and the bus to the Lakes which also goes along where I need to be - number 555 was due at 2.15 - that pulled in very early at 1.59. It then sat there with bus driver n inspector chatting away in it with the door closed. 

2.06 the 55 bus finally pulls in. The hard stare of 150 passengers was upon the poor GREEN HAIRED 12 year old driver who committed that heinous crime off ….when the last passenger gets off…closes the door …and opens his little cage door and….

Driver GET’S OFF! Man there’s gonna be a purple rinse led lynching. Me being me, tried to calm the rising dissent. I said to my closest bunch of allies that he might have been driving since 6am and this is his lunch break now. 

YET  the  bunch of drivers standing about didn’t move. I’m now joining in with the muttering and discontent with the bus hungry wealthy folk. 🤣

Like why on earth was the replacement driver who was going to start at 1.45 NOT THERE??? Anyway 

Finally, the loose change of drivers broke ranks and I swear he was shoved, but like a sacrificial lamb, a chap gingerly made his way through the crows, avoiding all eye contact but he was safe. We are British. It’s in our genes to tut and queue but to never actually say anything about it - anyway that brave little bus driver was  cheered like an Olympic a gold Medal hero!!!

We were all safely loaded on, many of us still commenting about the delay. Not me mind! 

I got to school at 2.15pm. So I didn’t want to creep into the Nativity and upskittle anything so I I went about my usual business until  hometime. 

At home I made two different chicken curries. One Indian using the tub of tikka masala sauce ready made for Slimming World by Iceland - so tasty and quick and easy. And one Chinese style with big chunks of onions, using a SW recommended Mayflower curry sauce mix. Really tasty, and a good store cupboard staple. We had the Indian one with some delicious mango chutney. Yum. 

I think that’ll do for now. So much to record haha 

Lots of love from Rachel *will definitely walk next time* Radiostar xxx


  1. The ornaments are beautiful but poor little chap - I do hope he will be OK. His mum must be furious that it was dismissed so many times. xx

  2. Love your ginger bread men, so cute. It's sad the children not getting the treatment early enough, Strep A is in the school next to Will's, we hope he stays safe, but with families, children from the same home go to the nursery, infants and juniors. As for bus drivers, we often have 2 buses here at the same time, and they don't rush on changeover.

  3. I'm glad to hear you are getting some orders at school for your wonderful ornaments! That poor little fellow with the rash... it sounds like your health care system is much like ours here in Canada. I play a similar game, every single morning, called Wordle. I have never gotten it in one, but did get it in two and took a screen shot of it! -Jenn


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