Saturday 24 December 2022

Christmas Eve 2022

 Apologies to anyone trying to read my last post! Halfway down its gobbledygook! I call it a case of the fastest fingers! 

It's Christmas Eve and there's only me, the dogs and Harry and Meghan in the lounge, by the light of my beautiful tree. I am watching this and am fascinated. So far the best thing has been seeing them at the wedding reception! I loved that. I've friends who sit very strongly on both sides of the story. I'm only on episode 3. I think they are using media and publicity to tell their story so far of how the media and publicity ruined their lives. I hope they can just now be happy in their lives and be left alone so their children grow up happy and safe.

We are having roast beef tomorrow and inexplicably i still ordered 24 pigs in blankets from my butcher! Yes very laz


  1. I loved both those programmes - the Ukrainian school choir was particularly tear jerking but all the music was wonderful and the readings too.
    Thank you for your encouragement and message/posts this year. Have a fantastic Christmas, enjoy all the food, drink, and ,most of all, the company around you.
    Happy Christmas. xx


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