Friday, 12 February 2021

Half term


Half term at last. 

Lots of pre written posts in drafts to finish.

New boiler and all the upheaval tomorrow - I shall walk Bluebell for a long time and then hide in my craft room after providing bacon butties. 

Shopping coming tomorrow too. 

All tests negative so far.

Me and the HG invited for Covid Vaccine so hooray! 

Fish and chips for tea. 

New scheme tomorrow with my sister. 

Orders coming in for Dog walking bags! 

Much sorting out and tidying done. 

Can catch up on all my favourite bloggers.

Made it unscathed to half term! 

Lots of love from 

Rachel * hope all is well in your worlds* Radiostar xxx

ps  Amanda did you get my email explaining the names?? :)  


  1. Hi Rachel. Yes thanks I did get your email. I mentioned this in my reply to your comment on my last post :-) Great that you and family are all well. Glad also to hear you will be receiving your vaccine soon. Its all very slow going here as Spain and other countries wait for more vaccine supplies. They have started inoculating 80 year olds at present. At least and most importantly all hospital staff have had their vaccine. keep well Amanda x

  2. Enjoy your break. It's well deserved. Xx

  3. It all sounds wonderful! Have a fab break.


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