Sunday 24 January 2021

The books are done!

 It’s that time of year where I do my absolute best procrastinating and my moaniest moans. I’m talking about the HG’s self assessment by order of HMRC. 

They are done! 


I’ve made a start on the next year’s! And I’ve vowed to


On top of them from April ! 

Yeah right. 

This weekend has been lovely as in I did the books and we had a takeaway for tea tonight - no washing up! A lovely FaceTime with the daughter and started watching The Bay. Wow the first episode was so good! We have decided to take them slow! As with Finding Alice on shortly. Yes I do love a binge watch but there’s something delightfully old fashioned about waiting a week in between episodes! 

The woman on Who wants to be a millionaire is getting on my nerves. 

I’ve done no knitting or sewing but I don’t think I showed and told what I made for Christmas gifts did I? 


 Made a fabric basket, matching wash bag and a whole pile

Of reusable make up pads for Miss 26. 

A fabric box for my friend at work.  A Dog bag for my friend. A dog bag but with rucksack type straps so she can wear it on her back for my daughter. A mug rug and fabric box for my friend and I also gifted some friends and family peg bags. 

A lot of pics and phone went a bit doolally! Not risking messing with them! Also I made some bowl cosies commissioned by my friend and I made the gingerbread men for lots of people young and old! 


My programme is on 

Lots of love from 

Rachel *square eyes * Radiostar xx 


  1. Lots of lovely makes and gorgeous fabrics! I particularly like the dog rucksack and the fabric you have used for it too. Have you got your FB shop set up yet? I am about to watch Episode 2 of The Bay,season 2....I have been saving it for this evening. Excellent series! keep well Amanda x

  2. Love the very cute gingerbread people.

  3. Love the gingerbread decorations! X

  4. As you say, yeah, right, but well done for getting it all finished. It can be a right pain.

    Loving the makes - you're so clever!

  5. Wow, well done. All of them are lovely.


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